cover art

Cover art is definitely an art. I’m currently working on ideas for the cover art design for my next novel with the publisher.

It has made me wonder about the effects of elements included (or expected but absent) in covers that affect a reader’s decision to buy or not a particular title. What you see below are the four covers for my previous two novels (first editions from one publisher, second editions from another).

I’ve included the blurbs between (didn’t really change) editions. Which cover do you think did a better job “advertising” the story inside, or inviting a reader to look deeper? Why? Add your comments below.

Hopefully it will give me some ideas for the next book about what to include, or definitely leave out.

1st edition 2nd edition blurb
Turning Point
It’s Hollywood. Actresses hate getting passed over for roles and cold shoulders are common. Petty sniping is part of the fabric of the place, but it takes two to fight. Actress Cassidy Hyland is throwing a birthday party for her son which she hopes will spark a truce with her cold co-star Brenna Lanigan. Instead the encounter becomes the first step of a journey neither woman ever imagined her heart could take: to love another woman. Turning Point explores the struggle of these women caught between what is safe and sure, and what the heart truly wants even if it doesn’t understand.

Turn for Home
Falling in love wasn’t easy. Staying together may be impossible.
In this sequel to Turning Point, as her divorce proceeds, Brenna Lanigan struggles with her sons’ cold shoulders and opposition to her intimate relationship with Cassidy Hyland. Cassidy’s son Ryan eagerly accepts their relationship, making Thomas and James’ lack of support even more upsetting.

When the women return from holiday hiatus to resume shooting on “Time Trails,” they sneak precious moments of intimacy in shadows and trailers. As many in the cast and crew openly show support, Cassidy and Brenna try to date. The paparazzi give chase. When the romance is publicized, the revelation sets off Cassidy’s ex-husband. Mitch Hyland will take his son from the lesbian couple… by force if necessary.

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