playing with cover ideas

While I’m still adding to “We Fit,” the sequel to “We3” (another 1,000 words this past week, since I lost my job), I also played around with details for “We3” coming out next year.

I’ve talked about the concepts of cover design before. I’m still playing with ideas for my forthcoming novel “We3.”

Royalty free images are preferred, and the other books by this publisher suggest more “atmospheric” elements rather than raw sexuality elements. I had torsos and lingerie in other concept ideas. But, while my story does contain erotic and detailed sex, it is not solely a piece of erotica. The sex is not just for titillation, but part of a story exploring relationship possibilities.

Here are a few of my latest ideas. If you have comments, or thoughts, please leave them below.

I like each of them for different reasons, but so far those I’ve talked to are favoring the last two conceptualizations. What do you think?

Do you like one more than the others? Would some elements in one combine better with other elements from a different image?

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