Day 3 of NNWM

Today’s post is a status report on many things. Happy Saturday!

Day 3 of NaNoWriMo. 

Yes, I’m taking another stab at this month of writing madness. I have yet to complete the challenge successfully, but later today I have dedicated time available AND I’ve gotten 4,400 words so far. (not great, but it’s on pace, so…)  

MY NNWM project is titled “The Hurricane” and has the simple plot premise of a coastal Florida community facing a hurricane. I live in Florida and have, for years, been trying to re/create a small Gulf town, populating it on and off with personalities. The chief goal of this month’s writing is literally to meet the people in the town and explore some of their relationships, interactions, and mine the situation for as much conflict as possible. There’s a central character I’ve had sketched for almost 15 years, a female Sheriff’s Deputy. I’ve always wanted to create a series and this is hopefully that start.

If you’re participating in NaNoWriMo too, find me on and offer to connect.

The latest book news…

Should be able to reveal the cover of “We^3” shortly. I think it accurately advertises both plot and tone as sexy and fun, but also filled with deep emotion.

A final word… November 6, is Election Day in the United States.

I’ve already voted early. It’s an option in my area, and it keeps the lines shorter for the actual day of voting. Almost a full third of the eligible voters state-wide have cast ballots. I am a fan of early voting over mail-in ballots for the directness, the ballot went from my hand, directly into the locked ballot machine. I’ve worked as an election services volunteer before (about 10 years ago) and the physicality of my county’s ballot system, basically Scantron style, is very reassuring and reliable. It makes hand recounts fast and easy. Our county is usually one of the first in the state to have all votes counted and reported, and we’ve had recounts done in record time when it’s been necessary.

Computers can too easily hide the real vote and be hacked or compromised. Paper provides a verification (and I don’t mean punch card ballots — hanging chads were a NIGHTMARE).

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