Cover Reveal and novel news!

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Check out this gorgeous cover!

My bisexual erotic romance novel featuring swinging and polyamory (not to mention three of my favorite characters ever!) is just about ready.

My publisher Supposed Crimes has created the catalog page here.

We Three
One and One and One Makes Three

Release is scheduled for February 1, 2019 just in time for Valentine’s Day. The ebook will be available first on Amazon and then other formats and outlets will have it after that. A paperback edition is planned at some point, too.

Mark your calendars now with a reminder to pick up this sexy and romantic read.

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One … 

He was handsome…

   [Eric] had blond hair mixed with strands of brown. She didn’t think he colored it, since his mustache was similar. It was also trimmed neatly, and he wore his suit comfortably, a clue that he was used to wearing good clothes. She had looked him over pretty thoroughly when she’d turned to his voice in the art gallery.

… and One … 

She was breathtaking…

   [Jess] caught her breath. There was no mistaking that face; even with the unmasked lines of her bow-like lips and the tawny tan of her Latina skin. This was Elena from Eric’s photographs. Jess’s pulse sped up as she regarded the brunette.

… and One …

They both wanted her…

   “Jess,” Eric said, “was just refreshing our drinks.”
   “He’s an incredible photographer,” Elena said. Jess was deeply affected by the woman’s lightly accented tones. The woman’s lips curled into a secret smile while she held Jess’s gaze. “It isn’t just the camera that gets so deep inside you,” she added.
   Elena’s fingers drifted across the bar top. Tingles erupted up Jess’s arm on contact and flowed into her chest. Stifling a moan, Jess rolled her bottom lip between her teeth.
   “Perhaps I might still have a chance?” Elena said, her gaze staying on Jess. “Making out is hot, but sometimes I do love to fuck.” The last word was so bare, spoken huskily. Seductive.

All she had to do was say yes.

… Makes Three

Get caught up in Eric, Elena, and Jess’s story beginning
February 1, 2019

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