Non-Monogamy links

One of the things I have been doing as I prepare for the launch of my book “We Three” is reaching out to bloggers, podcasters, and others in the non-monogamy community for connection.

I have been following some lifestyle swinger and polyamory blogs and podcasts for several years now. I thought it would be a good post topic to let you know the ones I found most enjoyable and informative.

Multiamory – Jase, Dedeker and Emily are incredible. This podcast focuses on ethical and consensual non-monogamy. The absolute biggest takeaway is “communicate.” In past podcasts they’ve discussed methods of healthy communication, warning signs of poor communication, and how to handle discussions of boundaries and check-ins with partners.

Life on the Swingset – started by Cooper S. Beckett with a number of co-hosts through the years, this podcast discusses swinging and consensual non-monogamy. Each year they do a “takeover” of Desire resort in Cancun.

I’ve also enjoyed more titillating “tell all” podcasts by lifestylers:

Blogs and websites I read regularly for information:

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