Needed: Questions

On January 15, I will have an AMA (ask me anything) to kick off promoting my February novel’s release. The answers from the AMA will start my FAQ page. I will also follow up by posting the questions and answers to my Goodreads author page.

To prepare though, I need questions. Your questions. I do have some common questions that appear in most author AMAs and I’m preparing answers already for those like: when did you start writing, who’s your favorite author, what’s your favorite book, etc. But if you have a question about a specific book or story or something that you’ve been burning to ask, please do.

Submit questions using the Contact Form down the right column .

Questions asked most frequently will be answered first, so don’t worry if someone else migh have already asked your question, submit it anyway. The answer will simply be posted sooner rather than later.

Oh, and if you’re concerned, I will not identify questioner(s). The idea of an AMA is to get a lot of questions. I want to have a fun informative interaction, not put author or readers in an awkward spot.

So, fire away. Use the Contact Form in the right column .


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