The Christmas Episode

Every show has (at least) one Christmas episode, so it isn’t surprising the prevalence of Christmas stories in the fandoms I have participated in. Xena had the Santicles episode. Even Voyager had one, IMHO, which they revamped as “Ancestors Day” (the one where Mulgrew played her own ancestor Shannon O’Donnell).

I’ve written about Christmas in a few stories, so I thought it’d be nice to link them together in one place.

  • The Christmas Story, Star Trek: Voyager, Janeway/Seven (pre-relationship). Janeway and Seven discuss the meaning of the holiday and alter the nature of their relationship.
  • A Little Magic, Once Upon a Time, Regina/Emma (pre-relationship). Emma Swan and a magical mishap bring about a little adventure for her and Regina at Christmas time.
  • Family Tree, Once Upon a Time, Regina/Emma (established relationship). Emma, Regina & Henry’s first Christmas together as a family, decorating the Christmas tree.
  • Sweater, Once Upon a Time, Regina/Emma (established relationship), Emma comes to the mansion bearing gifts.
I also wrote a short Christmas celebration (too short to make anything but free) titled Caribbean Christmas for my characters from the lesbian pirate romance novella, The Queen’s Gift

Christmas also was a pivotal time in the plot of my first novel Turning Point (excerpt here) with major events happening at various holiday celebrations. You will also find a Christmas celebration in my forthcoming novel We Three between my trio of lovers Jess, Elena and Eric (sneak peek here).
I’ll close with a simple heartfelt wish for all of my readers:

May your days be merry and bright, and full of love

~ Lara

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