So Many Ways excerpt 3

The countdown to the new year continues, and I have another excerpt from my short story collection So Many Ways  which will drop at the same time as the new year ball.

So Many Ways is going to be available free to Kindle Unlimited members beginning January 1.

Today: Premises.

Author note: This story marked my shift toward writing definitively bisexual-identifying women characters. While previous characters may have have histories with men, were choosing to separate entirely from a heterosexual identity. Jen and Kay definitely are into men AND women.

Story setup: A dating couple attends a swingers club where they meet and engage in group sex with a married couple.

Premises excerpt

Jen stepped from the car, careful not to snag her ebony fishnets, and adjusted the short skirt as she stood. After straightening, she had to pull her right heel from the soft sand of the parking field. Pushing a loose golden curl away from her face, she looked back out toward the roadway they had left. Her spine still vibrated a little from the washboard conditions of the unpaved road.
Chris walked around the back of the car toward her. She smiled into his darkly handsome face and accepted a kiss as he took her hand. “You still sure?” he asked. His green eyes searched hers by the light of a string of Japanese paper lanterns.
“I wanted to do this where no one would know us,” she said. “This place seemed perfect since we were already vacationing nearby.” She might have had her first time at an off-premises club closer to home, but she preferred the anonymity over meeting someone she might eventually see at the grocery store. Also, this being all on-premises, she wouldn’t possibly kill the momentum if she met someone who might suit, so it was a chance to get a little wilder. She might eventually grow to love swinging, but she had had to be honest—Chris had wanted nothing less—and she was a little nervous.
She had confessed she had always fantasized tasting another woman’s lips and skin, and was turned on by the idea of Chris watching her with another man or woman. They rented movies and talked over more of the realities. Chris had been swinging with a previous girlfriend, and he had stressed it took honesty.
Moving away from the car and finding the stepping stone path to the entrance, Jen’s head turned at the sound of another car pulling to a stop. She held Chris back a moment with a slight squeeze on his arm, and they stood silent, still mostly in shadows. Another couple got out of the car, and walked easily and familiarly along the stepping stones toward the fence.
Jen studied the couple avidly, her newly accepted sexual tastes sampling their appearance. He was broad shouldered, a little older from the evident retreat of his hairline, wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a Hawaiian print shirt open to the navel showing a furred chest glinting silvery in the lighting. Where Chris was dark, handsome and slim, this man by contrast was maybe a football or soccer player in his youth. She had a vision of both of them together, sandwiching her body, or rising over him while Chris plunged into her ass. Raw and primal heat surged through her veins.

As the couple reached the gate, Jen turned her attention to the woman as the introductions were made in voices too low to carry back to her. The lanterns’ swaying light played with the petite woman’s hair and features, revealing fiery highlights in the short styled dark brown curls. Jen’s fingertips tingled with the desire to stroke through it. Her mouth went dry and she licked her lips at the sight of the woman’s profile. She had a lean, mature face and was probably more than a few years older than Jen. Her bone structure cast her face vaguely heart shaped with rounded cheekbones drawing down to a prominent but roundly pointed chin. In contrast to Jen, the woman’s lips were thin, a faint ribbon of dusky red against healthy tan skin.

Pre-order So Many Ways today and your copy will download automatically on January 1.

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