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Ask Me Anything

Question: Do you enjoy writing explicit sex in your stories?

Here’s my simple answer: Yes, absolutely. Writing in general is a cathartic, voyeuristic experience.

Being a writer is a chance to have vicarious lives. If reading is taking a trip without leaving your chair, writing it is being the train conductor on that journey. Just like listening to the conversarions in the dining car, peeking in the sleep cabins is a definite perk. Yes, there are downs, all that conflict, of course. But I feel writing is like getting to be best friends with a really interesting person.

“A friend is someone who will bail you out of jail. A best friend is right there with you in the jail cell plotting your grand breakout and saying, ‘What a fantastic ride, eh?'” I support my characters throughout the story. Be the times good, bad, or ugly, I am with them emotionally all the way.

Sexy times are happy times. So, yeah, of course, it’s the best feeling when I get to experience the characters’ happiness, too. There’s simply nothing more rewarding.

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