About Me

There’s probably a few new visitors today, since I have a new interview out there. This is a quick introduction and show you around “home” as it were.

This is a quiet place. I’m not a daily blogger. You can always find information about my books, and read excerpts. Check the right hand sidebar for all the links.

My fanfiction stories are archived at fanfiction.net, archiveofourown.org, and the Academy of Bards houses my very first fanfics (Xena: Warrior Princess).

If you’re interested in purchasing books, here’s my Amazon author page. I also have a few paperback copies of each title available for autographed purchase.

I love hearing from readers. If you read anything, free, purchased, fanfic, or original, please send a note to me or post a review to say what you enjoyed. Notes from readers, even the shortest ones, are a pick-me-up for any author.

Again, welcome to my blog. You’ll find a subscription link to the right. I hope you’ll click and follow.

Thank you for stopping by,

~ Lara

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