Sneak Peek: We Three

Borrowing technique from another author, I’m going to offer tantalizing sneak peek snippets from my forthcoming bisexual swinging/polyamory novel We Three: One and One and One Makes Three on a 10 day countdown to its release on February 1.

Day 1 – January 22
Day 10 – January 31.

I’ll use the time of the blog post to choose the page and the date to determine the number of paragraphs to post. That should keep things random and interesting.

Here’s the first one. January 22, at 1:26 pm. So, page 126, number of paragraphs=5 (1+2+2)

scans the paperback to find the spot… 

Ah… Cool. To kick things off, the first excerpt is NSFW (guess ‘erotic romance’ was the right category choice).

I’ll put the excerpt under the cut “Read more”. Note: I don’t think there are any triggering elements. The scene is sex between Elena and Jess, my two bisexual women characters.

I hope you enjoy. Pre-order is available now.

We Three excerpt, page 126

Jess’s inhalation made her look back over her shoulder to meet green eyes. “The bulb is for you,” Elena explained. “It’ll also give you better control for movement and depth.” She reached into the drawer where Jess had been before, and retrieved a packet of lube, two sealed condoms, and the spandex harness.
She lubed the dong’s end and then fitted it with a condom. She slid it through the cock-ring hole in the spandex. The condom stretched down the dong’s entire length.
Jess stood up and reached for the spandex. “Just like underwear?” she asked.
“Yeah. Here.” Elena handed over the second condom and the lube.
“Will you help me?” Jess asked.
“My pleasure.” Elena delighted in this part. She got down on her knees and licked at Jess’s center. With eager fingers, she dipped inside Jess and stroked the sides of her vagina, readying her for penetration again. Eric was big, but the bulb was fat and would be a different sensation. When Jess’s legs quivered, Elena stopped. Jess watched with brightness in her green eyes as Elena added lube to the bulb end and unrolled the condom over it. She added a little more lube to the outside, and held out the sides of the harness pants so Jess could step in.
Elena guided the pants up the woman’s legs until the bulb was pressed against Jess’s open lips. She heard Jess inhale and exhale. Her fingers joined Elena’s, and they slowly pushed the bulb in together. Elena enjoyed the view again as Jess’s labia stretched and then closed around the narrow neck of the curved silicone. “How’s it feel?” She moved it.

I hope you found that enticing. There’s much more where that came from. Pre-order your copy of We Three today! See you tomorrow!

~ Lara

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