Countdown Day 2: We Three

Day 2’s sneak peek is being posted January 23, at 5:41 AM.

We Three: One and One and One Makes Three is only 215 pages long, so, we’ll go with page 54 this time. I’ll add one paragraph to the total paragraphs for the date (1/23) so it will be 7 paragraphs.

finds the proper spot…

Oh, this one’s fun. A little drama.

A little setup: Elena hung around the bar while Jess worked a midday shift, and a man assumes she’s available. Trigger warning for boorish, overbearing male behavior…

We Three excerpt, page 54



“I’m not—” Both Elena and Delia’s responses began the same. Elena started to her feet.
“Sit down, sweetheart. I got this,” he directed to Elena. He turned back to Delia. “Now, run along, and bring my order.”
If he’d snapped his fingers, his manner couldn’t have been more high-handed. Elena gathered her purse and started to move around and leave the table.
He turned in his chair and put his leg out. Long enough that she couldn’t walk around it, his legs were high enough that she couldn’t step over them either. Elena was effectively trapped in the corner. There was no way out. Well, that was if she didn’t want to make a scene.
A glance at the tables to the left and right, and Elena saw no one looking her way. There would be no rescue through public pressures.
“Miss, there was a problem with your card.” Card? Elena looked from Mr. Self-important to see Jess approaching with a credit card and receipt in hand. She hadn’t given one yet. Her confusion showed on her face. “You need to come with me.”
Oh. Almost immediately, relief flooded through Elena’s frame. Jess was rescuing her in the most businesslike way possible. “Yes, of course.”

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