Day 3 Countdown: We Three

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Are you getting excited? I know I am.

Here’s today’s sneak peek from We Three.
Posted at 1/24 at 4:22 AM. So, page 42, and I’ll add 2 paragraphs and give you 9 (1+2+4+2) today:

Setup: A little social time between our threesome, looking at photos Eric took earlier in the date. There’s some seductive heat to this one, but no nudity. Enjoy.

We Three excerpt, page 42

“Okay, here we are.” Eric’s voice broke the silence. “Today’s photos.”
Jess looked back up at the screen; Elena’s fingers laced with hers as day-bright photos faded in and out onscreen. Each photo showed long enough for Jess to study many details. She was again awed by Eric’s skill. Elena’s gaze, seldom direct at the camera, was filled with self-awareness and desire. It wasn’t until Jess’s first picture appeared that she realized, in many of the pictures Eric had taken, Elena had been looking at her.
In this photo, Jess was emerging from the house wearing the borrowed dashiki and shorts. She had turned to close the sliding glass door behind her. She glanced at him, remembering his request at the table during the meal for her to pose. He was “an ass man” through and through. She laughed lightly. When she felt her fingers squeezed, she turned her head to see that Elena was smiling at her.
Being purely objective, Jess could admit she did look good. She hadn’t worn properly fitting clothes in so long, she’d forgotten her own figure wasn’t boyish. Add her hair down, and Jess was able to understand why Elena now held her hand and Eric smiled indulgently at the two of them sitting together on the love seat. If she needed any more proof that he and Elena wanted her sexually, here it was.
In the next photo, Jess had noticed the camera. She had put on a pose, fingers in her mouth, pulling them out one by one as she sucked off the sauce from a carrot dipped in ranch dressing. She’d always thought her hands, work-rough as they were, not her best feature, but there, displayed against her lips, she thought maybe they weren’t too bad. Her nails were clean, short, and smooth. The tendons showing in relief suggested they were strong hands. On the leather between their bodies, Elena’s fingers caressed hers, and she decided she would buy some lotion.
The photo show continued. Eric had captured many pictures over the trio’s two hours spent outside. She remembered posing for some, and watching Elena pose for others. Still more, though, were random captures when she and Elena were not looking.
Finally, the one that Eric had captured as Elena and Jess’s gazes met appeared onscreen. It wasn’t the last, but even after it faded from sight and was replaced, the image remained in Jess’s mind.
That look they shared was, she knew, the same before the kiss that had sent them stumbling into the pool. The heat between her and Elena was as physical as the woman’s hand now in hers.
On the love seat now, Jess turned her head; Elena leaned toward her. “May I?”

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