Countdown Day 4: We Three

We Three Countdown Excerpt

Just 7 more days until We Three arrives! Can you believe it?

Today’s January 25, so that’ll be 8 paragraphs, and it’s 10:23, so page 102, with the extra 3 added to the paragraphs for 11.

Setup: Jess has arrived at the Tanner home for another get together… This is the start of the scene from the previous excerpt (day 3). The scene is in Elena’s point of view.

We Three excerpt, page 102

“Hector’s a little weird in general,” Eric said. “But it’s your day off.” Elena noticed how Jess continued to rest her hand on Eric’s chest, lightly stirring the hairs between the open neckline of the shirt. She smiled at the evidence of how comfortable Jess was around Eric.
“Gus insisted he wouldn’t need my help. Apparently receipts were really not big last week.” Jess shook her head. “Hector wanted to know where I’d be.”
“What’d you say?” Elena asked.
“I told him the truth.” The blonde smiled, and finally left Eric’s side and moved to her. Elena held open her arms, and the blonde slid into her body for a hug and kiss. “I’m hanging out with friends,” Jess said. “And we’d be working out.”
Elena chuckled; Eric did too. “I like your chosen workout clothes,” Elena said. “The orange really looks good on you.”
“Thank you. I like your blouse, too,” Jess added, brushing her fingertips along Elena’s collarbones. Her skin tingled pleasantly from Jess’s attention.
“So are you ready to swing?” Elena asked playfully.
“That’s what I signed up for.” Jess shifted the bag on her shoulder.
“You can put that in the living room, if you want.”
“Actually, I thought I should contribute a few things to the cause,” Jess said; her green eyes held an air of mischief. Elena’s body tightened, and reflexively she squeezed Jess’s arm, which made the blonde’s smile widen.
Eric said, “Excellent! C’mon, and see what we’ve added.” Disengaging from their hold, Elena took Jess’s hand and led the way, following Eric down to the basement playroom.
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