We Three: coundown day 5

We Three countdown excerpt

It’s 1/26, so it’ll be 9 paragraphs (at least) from We Three today. And my excitement has made it difficult to sleep so you’re getting this at 3:01 AM. That’ll be page 30, and I’ll add 1 more paragraph to the excerpt length.

Setup: Eric came to the club to pick up Jess for their first threesome date.

We Three excerpt, page 30

Jess looked at herself critically again and grabbed a hair clip. Several cursory pulls of a comb and she wrapped the hair in and around the clip. With her hair out of it, she thought her thin face looked a little rounder, and her cheeks a little less hollow. She met her own gaze in the mirror and noticed the wideness of her pupils, from being in the dim lighting of the hotel room. Foregoing sunglasses, she blinked into the afternoon sunlight and then walked quickly along the corridor and open-air walkways to the front of the club.
Her boss was nowhere to be found when she entered the lobby, though she didn’t look very hard. Mr. Melendez made her uneasy. Gus had negotiated her shift to bartending. Originally, she had been assigned room-cleaning duties, but the club needed hands and she could mix drinks, so he’d allowed her to move to the bar service, which Jess now appreciated.
Gaze moving around the lobby, she found where Eric had settled in a chair, holding open a copy of the local paper. His body and attention were angled away from her, so she walked quietly up and looked over his shoulder. The page held comics. That made her smile, reinforcing that Eric was far from old and stuffy. She might have had to rethink her attraction to him if he’d been reading the business section.
He looked up and caught her gaze. “Hi.”
“Hi,” Jess said. “Do you have a favorite?”
“Classic Peanuts,” he answered. “Yours?”
Jess had no idea. She had been through so many cities that, even though she read local papers, looking at want ads, she’d seen many different comic strips. She glanced over his shoulder and randomly selected one that looked colorful and funny. “That one.”
“Interesting,” Eric said. Then he put down the paper and stood up. “You ready to go have some fun? Oh, she told me to tell you we have a pool. And she’s preparing some lunch.”
Jess hesitated. “Are we still taking photos?”
“I hope so.” Eric added, “But there’s no reason we can’t eat, or have a swim?”

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