We Three Countdown: Day 6

We Three countdown excerpt

It’s 1/27, and it’s been a long day for me, so this is almost midnight (oops!), 11:42 to be exact. The paragraph count will be 12. Enjoy the latest excerpt from We Three: One and One and One Makes Three (pre-order now, release is February 1!)

Excerpt setup: Eric’s again at the club to pick up Jess for another date.
Who’s who: Maya is the club’s co-owner with her husband Hector and they frequently swap with Eric and Elena. Gus is the lead bartender. There’s lots of dialogue, so it doesn’t seem very long.

We Three excerpt, page 142

            “Staying here?” [Maya asked.]
            “She works here. The new girl bartender?”
            “Oh. Does Elena know you’re seeing her?” Maya asked, sounding both surprised and curious.
            “Yes, of course.” Eric felt his usual after-work fatigue pulling at him and realized he needed to get a move on. “Point me to the staff rooms? I gotta go.”
            “The staff rooms are down the hall, behind the bar.” 
            “Thank you,” Eric said. 
            “Eric?” Maya’s voice made him pause and turn back. “Next time you wanna come, let me know,” she said.
            Eric nodded. “Sure.” He smiled and turned away.
            He found his way to the staff rooms and frowned when he realized he didn’t know Jess’s room number.
            He met an older man—gray scruffy beard and thin gray hair—stepping out of a room on the left side of the corridor. “Excuse me,” he said.
            “Yeah? This part of the hotel is staff only.” [Gus said.]
            “I know. I’m looking for someone—Jess Davies?”

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