We 3 countdown day 7

We Three excerpt countdown

Just three more days and then We Three is here!

1/28 (11 paragraphs) at 7:20 AM. That’ll be page 72.

Today’s excerpt from We Three has some explicit descriptions of sexual activities, but it’s Eric’s reflections which are the focus.

We Three excerpt, page 72

Sipping coffee from Diligent Airlines’ complimentary setup by the door, Eric settled into a padded seat at a table in the crew lounge. He looked out at the planes coming and going off the runways and smiled, thinking he was damn lucky to be doing something he loved so much. It was a direct contrast to Carl from the club, who always complained about the politics of his job as associate comptroller of Miami-Dade. The new fellow, George, hadn’t been much better, a salesman from Paducah, Kentucky, in town for an industrial plumbing event. The women he’d spent time with this weekend were far better. Even when she was doubting herself, Elena was incredible. Carl’s wife, Betty, had talked about her garden and flirtatiously turned it around to talk about how she loved to be “tended.” George’s wife, Stacy, if he recalled correctly, had been very quiet socially, though she was enthusiastic when it came to having sex. Because of the encounters, Eric had used up his last two condoms in the play bag. So he hadn’t been able to have penetrative sex with Jess.
He’d definitely wanted to. When he’d touched her, he found her soft and warm, and her ass, as he had said from the beginning, was amazing. Watching Elena play with Jess’s breasts, he’d wanted to as well. But he didn’t want to start something he couldn’t finish properly. Despite the restraint, the way they had been together had been pretty damn wonderful. He’d gotten to see Jess’s face when El drove her over into orgasm with her mouth. He’d gotten to see her smile when Elena came on his cock a few minutes later.
He really hoped that Jess contacted Elena to meet up again.
Reluctantly Eric turned his mind from the weekend’s activities and toward the forthcoming flight day, while he awaited the rest of today’s assigned flight crew. Megan, his head flight attendant, walked in next, rolling her small flight bag behind her. She was perfectly coiffed, red-colored hair swept up in a bun and her airline logo cap already secured with bobby pins. She smiled when she saw him and moved quickly to his side.
He stood and greeted her with a professional handshake, though, honestly, they were too well acquainted for distant pleasantries. Over the two years they’d worked together, they’d had sex probably three dozen times. “Good morning, Meg,” he said.
She hugged him and kissed his cheek. “Morning, stud. I’m looking for a lunch buddy,” she suggested, using their public code for “fuck-buddy” requests.
“Can’t. Our flights today are a direct to St. Louis, then a one-stop through Atlanta back to Miami. We’re back in Miami by six.” He found he only briefly regretted the lack of layover time even though he always enjoyed sex with Meg.
Meg pouted. “Not even a quick bite, huh?” He shook his head. “You’ll let me know if you change your mind?” she questioned, before walking back over to the coffee she’d previously passed.
He answered, “Of course.” The flight board dinged, signaling the arrival of another plane to the terminals. He looked at the details. “We’re up,” he said. “Time to go check out our wings for the day.”
Within minutes, Eric and Meg were walking down a boarding tunnel and shaking hands with the pilot coming off the night shift. “Javier,” he greeted. The Cuban with the salt-and-pepper hair removed his cap, tucked it under his arm, and shook Eric’s hand. Meg continued on into the plane.
“They’re reloading her,” Javier said. “Here’s the full checklist, but you should keep an eye on the starboard flap sensor. I went down and eyeballed it, but it kept blinking that numbers two and three were stuck up.”

Just three more days! Can you believe it? Pre-order We Three today!

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