We 3 day 8 of the countdown

We Three excerpt countdown

Warm thoughts as winter makes a last stand here in Florida. Eric, Elena and Jess sure heat up the nights in We Three. Today’s (January 29) excerpt is being posted at 1:53 PM (and there IS a page 153!)

Setup: We are in the midst of a swinger party at the Tanner home with a select guest list. Jess is buzzed…

We Three excerpt, page 153

“You want to go downstairs?” Jess looked from the pool surface, where she had been staring as she let the music simply play through her while she sipped her third, maybe fourth, punch. “The others have mostly split.”
Jess looked around to see he was correct. There had been a swarm of people up here, and she had talked with a few of them, but after a while she’d drifted to another cluster, made small talk, until finally she had just needed a moment off to the side. 
Jess studied the dark, swarthy, thin-bodied man. Her brow creased as she tried to remember his name. They had been introduced.
“Max,” he supplied. “And you’re a friend of the Tanners?”
“Jess,” she supplied.
“Yeah.” He leaned back in his chair, the lights from the house behind her showing his entire form. “Only you don’t seem to be their type.”
“Their type?” Jess asked; she knew her brain was a little fuzzed by the alcohol, but the comment didn’t make sense.
“They like to play.”
“Mmm hmmm.” She remembered their morning sex before being led to their dining room table and fed a breakfast feast. “They’re wonderful.”
“And you’re staying here.”
“Just since last night,” Jess said. “I came over after work.”

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