We Three finale!

We Three excerpt countdown

Hi everybody!

Today is the last day of my sneak peeks for We Three. The great news for you is that at 12:01 AM tomorrow morning, you can buy your very own copy of We Three: One and One and One Makes Three.

Today’s excerpt is also a finale of sorts and is a brief 5 paragraphs (1/31). The scene is from the final moments of Chapter 13 (page 145) where Jess has just gotten very, very lucky.

We Three excerpt, page 145

  Jess felt Eric slide onto the bed and spoon against her back. Eric and Elena kissed past her shoulder, before Jess felt his mustache and lips brush against the back of her shoulder blade.
 “So,” he said into the sudden silence. “Anyone interested in my pancake breakfast?”
 Elena chuckled and pulled Jess into her body. “Was that what you were sent in here to do?”
 “Maybe,” Jess murmured sheepishly against Elena’s collarbone. She couldn’t quite bring herself to feel guilty for getting off-track.
 Eric and Elena laughed, which deepened Jess’s pleasure. But then the couple rose, and Eric hefted Jess in his arms, while Elena led the way from the bedroom.

You can enjoy We Three as an ebook buy paperbacks (switch format):
Amazon universal (will take you to your country’s Amazon site)

I strongly encourage you to support your local brick and mortar bookstores. The proprietor can order We Three: One and One and One Makes Three  using the ISBN 978-1-944591-58-8 from their usual distribution source.

In conclusion, I hope you enjoy joining Elena, Eric, and Jess as their relationship grows in fun but unexpected ways in We ThreeI loved writing their story.

If you post a review somewhere, send me a link. Thank you!

~ Lara

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