More critical acclaim for We Three

There’s another amazing review for We Three: One and One and One Makes Three.

This one is from the creators and hosts of By the Bi podcast. The podcast is subtitled “Promiscuity with Permission” and features discussions of consensual non-monogamy. They also discuss a lot about bisexuality. In this way, they are absolute the perfect audience I envisioned reading my novel. They can also authentically discuss its realism and how “We Three” addresses things like consent and communication in open relationships, like swinging or polyamory.

I heartily recommend subscribing and supporting their podcast through their Patreon.

Here’s some of the highlights from their review!

“will definitely leave you lusting for more”

“chock full of steamy scenes”

“intimately beautiful detail” 

“deftly handled safer sex while not detracting from the erotic nature of the storytelling. Definitely applause worthy!!!”

“everything it’s supposed to be with a few very nice surprises” 

“Four out of five on the scale of moistness.”

If you’d like your very own copy of We Three follow this link to Supposed Crimes where you can find all formats in ebook and even paperback. 

Purchase a book and send me a DM about it. 
I’ll send you an autographed postcard as a Thank You.

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