International Womens Day

It’s International Women’s Day.
The 2019 theme is “Balance is Better”
from Google doodle for May 8, 2019
How is balance truly achievable when human perception can be stubborn? There are still studies that show a man will consider a workplace “overrun” or “dominated” by women when the percentage of workers who are women goes over 30%. Just talking 20% of the time in a meeting women are derided by men for “dominating” or “controlling” the agenda. Be tough on employees as a man and you’re “just doing your job.” If you’re a woman though, you’re “just being a bitch.”
If you’ve been visiting this blog for any length of time, you know I write stories that feature lesbian and bisexual women as the main characters. In my day to day life, my answer to the question “what do you write?” is generally shortened to “I write women’s fiction.”

Women’s fiction 

Stories about women’s lives. My first two novels Turning Point and Turn for Home were women discovering some thing about themselves: they were capable of intimately loving another woman. Then they defend and shape that relationship in ways that positively support their partner, their families and themselves.
In We Three: One and One and One Makes Three, I also present women characters discovering something about themselves: they possess the power of consent. They control what happens, when, and they can ask for what they want. They give permission explicitly. No one is allowed to assume what they want. Partners, male or female, “check in” and activities are planned together.
Here’s a scene where Elena and Jess, along with Eric, arrive together at the decision not to have sex.
Jess finally finished her shot of the chocolate wine. When the pictures had finished, Eric removed the camera from the cable. Watching his fingers move nimbly, she wondered what was next. Her thoughts were scattered by the alcohol, and she’d started to lean into Elena’s shoulder. The terrycloth of Elena’s jumper made her cheek tingle. She brushed at the sensation, even as Eric moved closer, his camera once again snapping away.

She frowned. He stopped clicking, lowered the camera, and asked, “Is this all right?”

“Mmm, fine,” she murmured. “Feeling good.”

“Maybe too good,” Elena said. “I think you’re falling asleep.”

Jess tried to push herself upright to deny that she was tired. She was enjoying the ebb and flow of emotions. Everything was excitingly new, and yet blissful comfort stole into her limbs.

Eric put down the camera and reached for her hand; without hesitation, Jess grasped it. She came to her feet, swayed a little, and smiled at him. He smiled back. She looked back over her shoulder to see that Elena, too, was getting up. The brunette moved her hands to the small of Jess’s back. Eric kissed her forehead. Jess sighed. She reached behind her and drew Elena’s hands onto her hips, then covered the quivering in her stomach. Full lips touched the back of her neck; she breathed deeply.

“Bed sounds like a good idea,” she said, and a brief image of the three of them tumbling onto sheets poured adrenaline into her veins that argued with the exhaustion. “Don’t want to go,” she added. Stepping back, she looked from one to the other sincerely. “I’ve had a really good time.”

“There’s nothing stopping us from doing it again,” Eric said. “I’ll drive you back to the club.”

“I’ll bring your work suit by tomorrow,” Elena said as she followed Jess, leaning on Eric, to the front door. “After it’s dry-cleaned.”

Jess leaned away from Eric and kissed Elena again. “I’m really glad I came,” she said.

The brunette’s gaze turned dark and seductive and her lips twitched. “Not yet,” Elena said.

Feeling loose and good, Jess laughed. “Not yet.”
Grab your own copy of We Three to read the whole story.

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