Tea for Two Tuesday

It’s Tea for Two Tuesday!

For those of you who don’t know me personally, you’re learning this today: I LOVE TEA.

My favorites are black teas. A marvelous cup of “Earl Grey, hot” or a bit of cream in a pot of English Breakfast are perfect ways to start my day. I drink pots and pots of the stuff while writing. I drink herbals, and greens, and spice teas. I drink it hot or cold.

I’ve got a legit English tea set from my mother from when she traveled to London. When someone has no idea what to get me, I crave tea variety boxes. My girlfriend sent me some specialty teas from the shop she manages. I’ve made my own flavor combinations from loose leaf teas at the bulk store.

I’ve even indulged fandom love by buying “fandom-inspired” tea mixes (especially “Swan Queen”) from Adagio.

I seldom get a companion drinking tea with me. My spouse and girlfriend prefer coffee. And I tend to have coffee drinking characters in my stories. Maybe that should change. Makes story note: next MC prefers tea.

~ Lara

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