March reviews

Reviews of My Books

This month was the second full month of release for We Three: One and One and One Makes Three, my erotic polyamorous romance. Two blogger reviews and one reader review were posted.

Tattered Book Blog (Natalie W) wrote in part: “Lara really did an awesome job with this book. I am bi and poly so this book really touched home especially right now in my life. The relationship that grows between the three of them is so awesome and the sex bow chica bow wow.. LOL “

By the Bi Podcast wrote in part: “The story is chock full of steamy scenes, described in such intimately beautiful detail, that at multiple times I found myself looking around to see if anyone might notice the flush in my neck and cheeks.”

Reader Rose M’s review included these touching words: “I loved watching their steamy encounters transition into a meaningful relationship between three deserving people. Their relationship feels like a warm cup of coffee and a cozy chair on a cold winter’s morning: comfortable, homey, just… right.”

My takeaway? I definitely have the sexy, erotic content in my stories going on all cylinders. And that Jess, Elena and Eric’s love grows in beautiful ways every scene.

Guest Blogging

These wonderful kind words led to me being brave enough to share why I write sex for Karelia Stetz-Waters blog let’s write about sex. Next month K’s doing another series, featuring “cliterate sex” scenes. I’ve submitted. I’ll let you know when there’s a link.

Reviews of Other Books

As a writer, I am always reading in my genre as well as those stories that I think I can learn something from. This month I posted three reviews. Excerpts of my reviews are below, but full reviews can be read at the links on Goodreads.

Edge of Nowhere by Felicia Davin, is a science fiction novel with a bi/pansexual male lead. In giving it 4/5 stars I wrote: “It was a compelling mystery and excellent detail in the world-building to support the science fiction setting.”

Captured by Her by K.C. Bloom, is an erotic romance novella that tells the first-time lesbian romance of Rachel, who has broken up with her boyfriend, so nominally the lead could classify as bisexual. She meets a photographer Joan and attraction leads to some very hot sex. In giving this story 4/5 stars, I wrote in part: “The sex is delightfully hot, but has that wonderful essence of innocence and excited discovery that marks so many women’s first times with another woman.”

Her Remedy by Rose Marini, is a lesbian romance novella that tells about the second chance romance between two medical students, Allison and Emma, who were unrequited loves in college then meet again as residents at the same Atlanta hospital. In giving it 4/5 stars, I wrote in part: “I was on the edge of my seat hoping all would be resolved to HEA for Allison and Emma, gripped by all the emotions: happiness, sadness, frustration, wariness and, finally, back to gladness.”

My biggest takeaway is that there are a lot of novellas in the lesfic romance genre born from popular tropes, so I don’t feel awkward about putting out my own novellas: Book’s Pass (western historical lesfic romance) and The Queen’s Gift (pirates historical lesfic romance).

My second takeaway is for science fiction to be successful it is all about the world-building success. There was one other science fiction novel I attempted to read this month, and I had to DNF it (so there will be no review).

I will close with a note: If you are interested in having me review a novel or novella of yours, I’m on the lookout for particularly bisexual (or at least sexually fluid) lead characters, and I can handle any heat.

The next two months may be slow, though. I start a new contract job that goes until the end of May. I’ll review what I do read though, at the end of April, and again at the end of May.

~ Lara