Mom Life in Romance

I have an #authorconfession. I often write #momlife in my #romance. Since I also write F/F, that means there’s often a moment (or two) when a kid recognizes their mom is acting, well, different, around someone. And that difference is probably love.

Here are two scenes from my novel Turning Point where the children of my MCs realize something is up, and let their mom know.

Cassidy is bathing her five year old son, Ryan, when their conversation delivers her this gem “truth from the mouths of babes.”

Brenna’s sons are older (teens) so the conversation is much more complicated, but it’s clear to her that they know something’s wrong:

Brenna shook her head. Abruptly there was another presence behind her. She jumped when Thomas’ hands caught her shoulders and he kissed her cheek. “Good morning,” her elder son greeted then crossed through to the kitchen.

Sighing, Brenna knew there was no sense in putting off the announcement. “Kevin’s not here.”

“Did he go out?”

“He went home. About three o’clock this morning.”

James frowned and shook his head. “Mom?”

Thomas stepped in from the kitchen, his orange juice clutched in his hand. “What’s up?”

“We had a fight last night. I asked for a divorce.” James got up and walked into the kitchen. She could see him leaning on the counter while he poured his cereal. Brenna winced ashe saw him slam the box on the counter with a sharp thump.

From the kitchen, James asked, “Does this have something to do with Ms. Hyland coming over Friday night?” The question made Brenna look up at him in surprise. “It does, doesn’t it? You become friends with her, and suddenly everything you have isn’t enough for you, is it?”

“Kevin and I have had problems for a while now. I talked sometimes with Cassidy about them, but she did not make me do this.”

“You’re such a doofus, James.”

“Shh.” Brenna laid a quieting hand over Thomas’ on the table. She studied James’ face, trying to gauge how much he should understand. Obviously the divorce was angering him. Is it this one, or recalling the first one? Telling him at this point that she was involved with Cassidy would be inappropriate additional information.

“Some things just can’t be gotten past. Kevin wanted things I couldn’t give to him and still have the things I want. We’d thought it would resolve itself when Time Trails finished. I learned that’s not going to happen. Our goals are too different. I really want to keep working. He doesn’t see that as important.”

“Why didn’t you know this before you got married?” James let his frustration and confusion show, stalking away from the counter and out of sight.

“Because nobody’s perfect.” Brenna entered the kitchen and found James standing away from her as if staking it out as a defensive location. He cringed when she reached for him but when she pulled him into a hug, he collapsed against her. “Kevin’s not. I’m not.” She kissed his hair. “I’ve always told you that things have a way of working out the way they should.”

James’ arms slowly moved between their bodies, and he pushed away. She let him go. “I saw this coming. Damn.” He turned away. Brenna looked to Thomas, who had gotten up and walked to the outside of the counter.

~ Lara

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