Naked Vacation

To celebrate the second day of National Nude Recreation Week, I have a draft bit of We Fit, the sequel to We Three. It’s a scene when Eric, Elena, and Jess are staying at a clothing-optional resort. Note: the scene describes male and female nudity.

Feeling a cool breeze shifting against her skin, Jess opened her eyes, lifting a hand to shade them further from the waning sun. The beach umbrella they had set up after coming in from splashing in the low-rolling waves was no longer blocking the sun late afternoon angle.

She turned her head under her floppy wide-brimmed hat and studied Elena laying on her belly on the next beach lounger. The brunette hummed while Eric massaged lotion into the muscles of her legs, moving upward slowly. The round globes of the woman’s ass were only a shade lighter than her legs, a testament to her Latin heritage. She had no tan lines at all on her bare back, her bikini top buried somewhere at the bottom of their bags. Her face was hidden behind the fall of short hair and tucked into the curve of her elbow while she rested her head on her arms.

Returning her gaze to Eric’s hands, she watched him applying lotion to Elena’s lower back and heard the hum of pleasure from the other woman. Jess knew the pleasure of Eric’s hands when he applied lotion to her own nude form when they first arrived on the beach. If Elena was getting a reapplication, they had been laying out for at least a couple hours. She turned onto her side, tentatively testing the skin of her shoulders by stretching as she pushed herself onto her hands. “Hand me a wrap?”

“I could give you more lotion,” Eric said.

She lifted her feet from the lounge and set them in the sand, bringing her body slowly upright. “No, I probably should just cover up.”

She took the wrap Eric held out to her, and set it around her bare shoulders, tying it off at her waist when she stood up. She felt a little annoyed at herself that here they were, enjoying a clothing-optional resort on Florida’s Gulf Coast, but her fair skin demanded she couldn’t be uncovered for too long. She sighed while she untucked her blonde curls from the wrap’s collar.

“Did you burn?” Elena asked, her voice coming from beneath her arm.

“No. Just… I was not blessed with skin that just bronzes the longer we stay out,” Jess said, reaching across the space and stroking the darkened skin of Elena’s shoulder.

Pushing up onto her hands, Elena said, “It’s fine with me if we go inside. We can find supper.”

“I’m good with that,” Eric said. He got to his feet and reached into the beach bag for a white pair of shorts which he pulled up over his naked hips. Jess watched as Eric tucked himself carefully inside and pulled up the zipper.

He grinned when he caught her looking. She smiled. He too was also deeply tanned, white shorts starkly contrasting with his legs and back. The hair on his chest was sun-lightened, more golden than brown. He pulled a dark blue and white Hawaiian print short sleeve shirt over his back, but left it unbuttoned.

Elena negligently tied off a top under her breasts, then she tied off her towel around her hips which hid her dark patch of pubic hair from view.

While Elena collected the trio’s bag of towels and other clothing, Eric circled around Jess, easing aside her wrap and pressing his fingers to check her color. “I don’t think you’ve burned,” he assured her, his blue eyes briefly crinkling at the corners.

“Thanks.” She kissed his cheek and Elena linked herself between Eric and Jess. The woman’s warm supple body brushing hers and walking beside her turned Jess’s mind to mush. She thought of how loving and supportive Elena and Eric were being with her, not just today, but ever since she had met them. “I think I’m hungry for a sandwich,” she said suddenly.

Circling and pushing herself against Elena’s front, Jess kissed her firmly when she lifted her brown eyes to meet Jess’s gaze. Behind Elena, Eric brushed the woman’s shoulders and Jess felt him press Elena forward into Jess’s body.

She rubbed the brunette’s hips. “What do you say?”

“Why do I have the sneaking suspicion you’re not talking food?” Elena glanced up at Eric over her shoulder.

His hands met Jess’s on Elena’s hips. Jess knew she and Eric were on the same page here when she caught his blue eyes. His words confirmed it. “Oh I think food first is a good idea. For energy,” he said. “But then, I believe we came here to celebrate an anniversary?”

Let me know what you think?

~ Lara

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