Q: To sequel or not to sequel?

Since I’ve been focused on (mostly) promoting my third book, I hadn’t been through GoodReads and Amazon reviews in quite a while for my first two novels, which are more traditionally contemporary F/F romance novels.

Turn for Home

When Pride Month (and a sales special on the first novel) had ended, I went looking for any reviews I hadn’t previously read and came away pleasantly surprised. Here are two of them:

There were other reviews too, but what stood out to me about these two was both readers mention wanting a sequel.

Background about the books

While some people may not realize it, both stories were set very carefully in the time period they were written (2000-2001). I referenced family, life, and workplace issues that were contemporary for LGBTQ people as a few of this couple’s obstacles to a happy ending.

A lot has happened in the U.S. (particularly with the rights of LGBTQ persons and their relationships) in two decades. This change is so dramatic, for the second editions of both books I included an author’s note that the stories may feel more “historical” when read now than “contemporary” (the genre label they got when first published).

My Questions:

  1. Should I do something more with Brenna and Cassidy? Or has their time passed?
  2. If I write more, should it be purposefully “historical” and set around an event significant to LGBTQ rights (like the 2015 U.S. recognition of same-sex marriage), using the couple’s experience as the point of view?
  3. Should I focus on the couple’s romance: building family/home, their careers, their children, and anything political/historical happening is just a “side note”?
  4. Should I write a third novel or a collection of short stories?

NOTE: It’s not like I have no material at all. I wrote a lot about these characters’ lives since the end of Turn for Home that I just never shared. (the postscript has some examples)

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

~ Lara

PS – here’s some ideas and scenes I already have written: where and how both actresses found their next roles, what happened when Ryan started attending school, what happened with Thomas after high school and James in high school, and beyond. I also have travel in and out of the U.S. before, during, and after September 11, 2001. I also know when and where, how and why Bren and Cass made more permanent legal commitments to each other, and lots of new friends they’ve made along the way.

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