Get to Know Me: Dogs

I haven’t put many pets in my writing, only because I haven’t found characters who “need” them. But I have always had pets. Growing up, my house always had two cats. But married life brought me dogs (spouse is allergic to cats).

Today, in celebration of Mutt’s Day, here’s a blog to get to know my dogs. In the comments, share pics and stories about your own doggos.


Our first dog was a purebred Sheltie (papers and everything). However, the breeder was throwing him away because he was “too big” to breed to their females (20 inches at the shoulder). Everyone mistook Gandalf for a small collie (and a female one at that). Gandalf was a herder at heart, gathering us all in from every corner of the house until he was satisfied we were “safe.”


We gave Gandalf a buddy a few years later. Jake, acquired from an acquaintance whose dog had puppies. Jake was part Sharpei, and part Rottweiler. He went from small puppy to adorably large lunkhead in a very short amount of time.


When Jake and Gandalf passed, we acquired Hershey from the shelter. A basset-chow mix, Hershey was a chaser. He ran out of the house high-tailing it after anything that moved: cats, squirrels, birds. If he saw it, he would give chase. And he saw everything. I swear my leash-arm stretched a couple extra inches during the years we had him.


Our present dog is Rocko, a pitbull-mix. He’s sweet and cheerful, lazy, and a shameless beggar. He also pouts whenever he realizes we’re about to leave the house.

Should I?

Should I add a dog to one of my next stories? Why or why not? Weigh in down in the comments.