Lazy Day

August 10 is National Lazy Day. Lovers lazing around in bed enjoying time together is a perfect way to spend the day. Here’s an excerpt from We Three to enjoy:

The Latina, partially under a sheet, wearing a spaghetti-strap silk negligee, stretched slowly, luxuriating in the laziness of their Sunday morning. Jess sat on the bed beside her, pulling back the sheet to gaze on lush curves.

“Morning?” Elena’s voice barely managed the syllables, and Jess wriggled a little with delight. She skimmed her open palm over the satin skin of Elena’s golden thigh.

“Yeah,” Jess replied. Her fingers widened as she neared the warmth of Elena’s center.

She eased her body against Elena’s and claimed dark lips in a kiss that deepened slowly. Elena laughed low and folded her arms around the back of Jess’s shoulders, before Jess pulled back. She nipped at her jaw. “You’re learning all his tricks, dear.”

“I’m learning what you like,” Jess replied, pleased by the acknowledgement of her growing skills. She breathed along the tendon in Elena’s throat, then trailed the tip of her tongue to the sensitive spot behind the woman’s ear.

Check out more about We Three: One and One and One Makes Three here. Have a wonderful, lazy day!

~ Lara

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