Relaxation Day

August 15 is National Relaxation Day. How do you take a break and relax? I’ll read, or veg in front of Netflix.

My characters take walks, visit parks, as well as just share snuggle time. Here’s a peek at a relaxing moment for harried moms-in-love Brenna and Cassidy, from Turning Point.

“Absolutely.” The redhead curled back in the cushions and pulled the pillow into her lap as she spoke. “How’s Ryan? Any lingering effects from his adventure today?”

“Not a thing. I think he’s still unaware just how much trouble he caused.”

“Did you try to explain it to him?”


“Well, you’ll just have to watch him more closely for a while. You’ve got an adventurer, like James was. Still is, really,” Brenna mused.

“Really?” Cassidy curled up on her bed and relaxed into the pillows. “Tell me about it?”

“When he was about Ryan’s age, he tried to fly off a porch railing,” Brenna reminisced. “He was always the one halfway down the street when I called them in for dinner.” She chuckled. “Thank God, he doesn’t drive yet. I’ll never see him once he does.” She choked up a bit. “But,” she suddenly sounded more assuring than reminiscent, “that’s what we raise them up to do — be able to walk away from us, hmm?”

“And be safe,” Cassidy agreed. “Yeah. So why is it so damn scary when it happens?”

Hearing the other woman’s exasperation and completely understanding its source, Brenna hugged her pillow tighter, let out a half-chuckle, and sighed, feeling better than she had in hours. “I don’t know,” she admitted ruefully.

Cassidy felt warmed beyond belief. “You were so positive for me today. I…don’t know if I’ll ever be able to thank you.”

“You needed someone,” Brenna offered quietly.

Relax with your own copy of Turning Point today!

~ Lara

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