Kiss and Make Up

Everyone can end up in a disagreement or making a mistake. Particularly if you care a lot about someone. So today’s the day to celebrate the wonderfully tropey “kiss and make up” moment.

Early in the story We Three, Jess and Elena have a misunderstanding and get frustrated and feel awful, but don’t know how to fix it. Eric brings the two together to clear the air. Here’s a peek at part of that scene.

Jess worried her teeth against her bottom lip as the minutes continued ticking well past closing time. It was nearly 3:30 a.m., last call had been two, and the bar had stopped all service at three. Gus had already left to deliver the cashbox to Hector and the club’s safe. She had yet to finish all the closing tasks; a drain was stuck and seemed glued shut from something that shouldn’t have been sent down the system. She had just popped off the drain cover with determination when she heard footsteps.

“Gus, thank god you’re back. This damn drain is stuck,” she huffed, not looking up.

“I could take a look,” a male voice that did not belong to Gus answered.

“Eric!” Jess straightened and looked toward the sound, and then stopped, uncertain. Elena stood next to him. “Elena,” she added, feeling the distance intensely, even as she drank in the woman like she was dying of thirst. “I didn’t expect… I’m sorry… Tuesday, I…” She weakly rounded her shoulders, not knowing what to say but desperate to repair what had become an important connection in such a short time.

Elena walked forward. Jess looked down when Elena grasped her hands and removed the screwdriver. Then Elena clasped her fingers and lifted them.

“I forgot that I disliked when work and play crossed paths,” Elena said. “I owe you an apology for making you think you were wrong. I was… bothered… and hot, from our play. I got annoyed we had to stop. That’s what you saw.”

“I was frustrated, too.” Jess shook her head.

“Do-over?” Elena asked, and Jess was so eager to make amends that her relieved “yes!” started over the end of the brunette’s words. Elena asked, “When do you work next?”

“The mimosa brunch tomorrow for people staying tonight.”

Jess saw Elena share a look with Eric. “Would you mind if we stayed the night?”

“Here? But why? You… your house?”

“We’d like to spend some private time with you.”

“Really?” Eric cleared his throat in response to Jess’s surprise, and she hurried to explain “The note. I know what you wrote, but… you mean it?” Eric hummed agreeably.

She looked at both of them curiously. “What will you do for clothes?”

Eric sounded like Lucifer himself—seductive and erotic—when he responded. “They’ll air while we’re having a fuck-ton of sex.”

Jess’s cheeks warmed. Damn, she wanted that, so much. Eric’s playfulness was beyond anything she had previously experienced. “I guess there’s only one question left.”

“Our room, or yours?” Elena asked.

“Well, okay, maybe not. My room has, as you know, just a single.”

“We’ve checked into one with a king-size bed,” Eric said.

“You already checked in?”

“We were hoping you’d say yes,” Eric said.

“And if I had said no?” Jess asked.

His blue eyes were included in his smile then. “The smile earlier tonight after you read my note said yes. Was I wrong about that?”

Jess felt Elena’s hand grasping hers. She looked from Eric to Elena and then back to Eric, squeezing Elena’s hand. “You weren’t wrong.” She couldn’t believe she really was getting another chance at this. At spending time with these wonderful people.

“Good.” Eric stepped forward and cupped Jess’s cheek, kissing it so softly that tingles traveled down to her belly. “Room 233.”

“As soon as I’m done here,” Jess promised.

To read more about Jess and Elena, and Eric’s relationship, pick up a copy of We Three today!

~ Lara

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