Veteran’s Day

On November 11, we honor our veterans and thank them for their military service.

In my novel We Three, Eric is a Air Force veteran, and he and his wife decide to host a swingers party at home for the first time. They decide on a military-themed costume party. Among their friends is a FF couple, both of whom were also in the military. Elena recalls this when they arrive wearing their dress uniforms.


Max had already started to flirt with Chana, giving her a playful salute, when Eric returned with Caitlyn and Cris. Both wore complete Air Force dress uniforms. A quick glance showed their name tags both read C. Tinglass, so they’d married while in service, something Elena realized she had not known.

She wondered if Cris had transitioned MTF before or after her discharge. While the military was coming along with LGBTQ rights, Elena knew it wasn’t an easy place to be different. Cris and Caitlyn were both regular partners with her and Eric at the club, though they hadn’t seen each other much in the last month.

She hugged Cris and asked, “How are you?”

Bright brown eyes shone in a slender face with rounded pouty lips. “We’ve been playing the gay clubs,” Cris said. “So glad to get Eric’s call. Ready to spend a night drama-free.”

Caitlyn rolled her eyes, leaned close, and kissed Elena’s cheek before whispering in her ear, “She means she is ready to get fucked by your fella.”

“Eric will be happy to hear that,” Elena replied. “And you?”

“Anyone else here play with the ladies as well as you do?” Caitlyn asked. Elena blushed. She’d forgotten how easily Caitlyn expressed her pleasures.

That was just the start of the party. To read the rest, pick up a copy of We Three today. Multiple formats available.

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