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November 28 is Thanksgiving Day in the U.S.

In my novel, We Three, Eric, Elena and Jess plan to spend a whole weekend together beginning with Thanksgiving. Eric arrives while Elena and Jess are enjoying a little down time while the meal is cooking.

excerpt – mildly NSFW

“Thanksgiving dinner was so delicious you started without me?”

Elena’s face lifted from where it had started to rest on Jess’s thigh. Jess peeked around Elena’s leg to find Eric standing in the bedroom doorway. The man’s teasing smile was unmistakable. “Hi,” he said when he met Jess’s gaze.

“Elena brought me in to change clothes.”

“Really?” Eric said. “Seems you’re wearing your birthday suit.”

“That’s the best holiday clothes,” Elena said. She added, “You’re overdressed.”

Jess added, “I can help fix that.” Needing no further invitation, Eric threw off his overcoat, and his captain’s hat landed with it somewhere by the door. He was loosening his tie when he reached the side of the bed. Jess took one hand from Elena’s back and reached out, deftly separating his belt between her nimble fingers.

To read what Elena and Jess were up to before Eric arrived home, and what they get up to after his arrival, get the full story in We Three, an erotic menage romance, today.


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