Male Watching

A lot of my content in my stories involves women-loving women. However, I am bisexual and I do write women-loving men, too. The spotlight today falls on appreciating the men around us. It’s Male Watcher’s Day.

Personally, I prefer watching a man whose personality matches his build: strong, but softly rounded edges, an easy, thoughtful smile. A man whose eyes light up when he sees something he likes or is doing something he enjoys. A man who is caring and careful of others’ feelings. Watching these men is thrilling, but I try to write them too.

Eric, from We Three, is the mature version of everything I love about a man.

This is a scene I love from that story because of how it so clearly shows Elena and Eric’s relationship through Elena’s point of view. Also much of Eric’s personality is on display through the exchange so it’s a good entry for “male watching.”

begin excerpt

The shower shut off, pulling Elena from her thoughts. Eric emerged from the master bath into their bedroom, his towel tucked around his waist and his chest hairs still matted and damp. He looked at her still holding the landline’s wireless handset in her
hand. She answered his unspoken question with one of her own: “You gave Jess our number?”

Business woman is holding the IP Phone handset

“She finally called.” Eric smiled.

“I don’t think she thought the number you gave was to the house. She hung up when I started speaking.”

“Did she call back?”

Elena shook her head. “I called the number back.” She looked down at the handset again then up at Eric. “Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“She’s obviously new at this,” Eric agreed. “But we’re all just going to have some fun. She agreed to a photo shoot. So that’s what we’ll do.”

Elena groaned. “I think I just complicated things.”

“How?” He sat next to her and she couldn’t help but inhale his clean scent, and felt it steady her.

“I told her you’d pick her up at the club, ask for her at the desk. When she suggested she come later…” Elena’s voice trailed away, and she felt her cheeks warm. “I said ‘we’d all come together’.”

Eric laughed. “My seductress.” He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and kissed her head. “You just keep being you, sweetheart. Jess is gonna have fun, and I’m pretty sure she’s capable of making her own calls to stop. Go.”

“Or go slow,” Elena finished, her voice chorusing with his, as they completed their mantra together. As the words faded away, Elena smiled, once more feeling hopeful. “Monday can’t come soon enough,” she added.

“For Jess either, I’m sure,” Eric said, again kissing her temple.

She leaned into his chest, resting her palm there and feeling his steady heartbeat.

end excerpt

If this peek at Eric was enjoyable, you can get to know a lot more about him in We Three, my FFM erotic menage romance novel.

So, dear readers, do share. What qualities do you love to see in a romantic male lead?

~ Lara

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