Make Dreams Come True

January is a good time for this thought. All the resolutions, the point of which is to set steps in place that make our deepest dreams and desires come true.

But there’s another thing I thought about when I saw this special day in the list: partners helping us fulfill sexual fantasies. Which is why I’m posting it just after midnight, so that you can read well in advance of your work day.

image of NSFW stamp

This is a NSFW (F/F) scene from my erotic menage novel We Three. The trio of Eric, Elena, and Jess have gotten together a few times now. Jess has learned of one of Elena’s fantasies. She enlists Eric’s help in making it come true and giving Elena a keepsake video of the whole thing.


begin excerpt (last time to bail!)

Fucking my actual high school quarterback couldn’t possibly have been better than this, Elena thought. She leaned into Jess’s shoulder, with the other woman’s arm wrapped around her. They sat together on the couch with Eric just stepping back from adjusting the television and camera connector. On the living room television screen, the image resolved tracking and finally showed her and Jess straddling the workout bench in the playroom. Elena wore her cheer costume. Jess wore the harnessed dildo, and the football shoulder pads had been laced securely over her shoulders.

While Eric had set up his camera and lighting, she and Jess had talked about what the basic scenario would be: congratulating a win, or consoling a loss. Elena had chosen the win scenario, a cheerleader congratulating the quarterback. She’d told Jess how her high school’s team had losing seasons every year she’d attended. The school had done better in basketball, but Elena had always preferred the beefier builds and tighter pants of the boys on the football team over the lanky, tall basketball players.

Onscreen in Eric’s video, the scenario had begun. Jess was saying “thank you” for the support, and Elena was hugging the blonde, nipping her ear and tugging her ponytail. Elena squirmed on Jess’s lap and voiced a wish she could “really show my appreciation.” She rubbed her breasts into the pads and her nipples stood to attention from the friction.

The blonde hugged her back and pushed the harnessed cock into Elena’s belly. Lifting Elena, Jess massaged her ass with both hands and then rubbed the dildo head between Elena’s barely covered pussy lips. “Give me the prize,” she said in a gruff, trying-to-sound-male voice.

Elena had laughed, and they’d kissed. She’d gone to her knees on the floor and deep-throated the toy cock. Jess had played up the scene and thrown her head back with grunts and “fuck yeahs.” Both hands went to the back of Elena’s head, and she jerked her hips up and down. Elena pulled back and examined the dildo as if admiring her handiwork, then she licked underneath the harness and sucked Jess’s pussy lips into her mouth. Out of sight of the camera, she had put lube into her palm. When she next lifted her hands into view, she closed her fist and thoroughly coated the dildo until it glistened.

When she started to straddle the bench, to lower herself onto the upraised dildo, Jess had stopped her and placed her hands onto Elena’s thighs, and then between her legs. Lubed fingers then twisted inside Elena. She hadn’t realized at the time how easily Jess went from three fingers to four when Elena had demanded, “More!”

She’d felt deliciously full, and then fuller still when the dildo joined the fingers. “God that was intense,” she said, even now reliving the dizzying euphoria of a nearly continuous string of orgasms.

“You were soaking, my love,” Eric replied. She glanced toward him where he’d settled into the corner of the couch cushions.

Jess gave an embarrassed chuckle. “I was just hoping it wouldn’t slip into your ass. You were moving up and down so far, the dildo kept coming out. I didn’t want to miss.”

Elena laughed. “Well, you can do that all the time, Jess. It felt perfect.”

“I think the fucking should be Eric next time. I was salivating, and frustrated every time I couldn’t quite catch a nipple in my mouth.”

“Oh, god.” Elena sighed happily. “The few times you caught one in your teeth, it felt like I was going to come out of my skin. Felt electric.”

end excerpt

~ Lara

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