January Marketing Monday

I’m using my blog to connect with readers so I would like to take this moment to mention that I would love to have your support.

How can you support a writer? Reading, reviewing and reblogging each go a long way to help an author’s visibility. These are all “word of mouth” in the age of the internet, and their impact cannot be underestimated.

So, this month, I’d like to encourage reviews. If you have read a book of mine, please leave a review where you bought it or found it. (A review doesn’t have to be more than “I liked this!” but it brightens my day.) Reviews give the analytics of the internet search engines reasons to show my books to people who might not find them otherwise, which would help my work spread to more readers.

If you can’t leave a review somewhere, tag me on facebook, instagram or twitter when you’re reading it. Share this blog or my book list page on your favorite social network.

Tell me what you enjoy about my stories, and I will work to keep writing. Thank you.

~ Lara

2 thoughts on “January Marketing Monday

  1. I really like how your characters speak, love and fight like real people. They fling books off a dresser in frustration (remember that scene? I do!), they slam doors…all of the things that make us real. Your characters have always captivated me.

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