Sunday Sneak Peek

I have been working a lot and infrequently claiming time to write. I should be better about this. I’ve also been discouraged by a series of hardware failures and have lost a lot of the writing I’ve done on many projects. Starting from scratch always give the “inner critic” a chance to come out and crush my confidence. Perhaps my readers responses to the little bit I have been writing will encourage me.

Today’s excerpt is part of a scene between Jess and Eric. The purpose is to show how their side of the triad is developing. For those who haven’t read my FFM menage erotic romance We Three, some background: Eric’s married to Elena. Jess became involved with the two when they met her at a swing club. The working title of the sequel is We Fit.

begin excerptrated M for mature language

“Hey, so I’ve put that box in the car.” 

Jess turned to see Eric Tanner, her lover of five months, paused in the doorway with his hand on the hotel room’s knob. “Hey,” she replied. “Thanks.”

He closed the door and leaned against the frame, his dirty blonde hair tilted across his blue eyes focused on her, concern darting them back and forth over her features. His mustache twitched as his lips moved, though he said nothing.

“I’m all right,” she assured him.

“Anything you missed?” he asked, still not moving forward. She loved him for that ability to give her space.

After a moment tilting her own blonde head and looking him over, she said, “You.”

“Hmm? Me?” He smiled and his lips twitched again this time revealing his teeth when his smile widened. He took a step off the wall toward her. “I was only gone a few minutes.”

She stepped closer to him and put her hands on his hips. Eric’s blue eyes remained fixed on her face. He continued to present a patient steady smile. “I missed you for 26 years.”

He dipped his head and saluted from an imaginary cap. “I spent some time in service, ma’am.”

While untucking the tail of his polo shirt, Jess pressed her hands to his bare waist. “What do they say about the quality of your service, airman?”

Eric’s brow lifted as he caught on to the roleplay. Also, if Jess was reading his expression correctly, he was game, only a little surprised by her taking the initiative. “I’ve had few complaints.”

“Not zero?”

He laughed just a little and the sound made her lean into him more. “Sworn officer, ma’am. Honesty is a requirement.”

“So we’re being honest?” Jess said, lifting his shirt as he passively lifted his arms. “Good.” She dropped the shirt to the floor and grabbed the belt loops of his jeans, pulling their hips flush together. She was pleased to feel his cock was already swelled in the confines of his denim. Then honestly, Eric.” She licked her lips. “I need to fuck you right now.”

“I thought your bed was too small.”

“For three. But Elena and I did it here in the first week we met,” Jess said. “It’s only fair for you and me to be here on my last day.” She pressed her lips to his.

“This is totally not a competition, but…the way I heard it was an almost thing. Hector interrupted.”

Jess sighed recalling the untimely arrival of her boss demanding she open the bar. “Okay, so that first time we got busted. And we had this big awkward…thing after, but…”

Eric tilted his head the other direction. “You’ve already told everyone you’re leaving today. What if Maya comes in to clean up the room and catches you with my cock in your mouth?”

Jess felt the prospect exciting. “I would hope she’d actually catch you fucking me.” She felt only slight heat bloom in her cheeks. Five months of sex with the Tanners had turned her into an eager exhibitionist. 

“It is such a beautiful sight when my cock is filling you up,” Eric agreed. He glanced around the room, his gaze pausing when he spotted something behind Jess. “Okay. I have an idea.”

“And I’ve got a condom,” Jess added, slipping a small sealed packet from the pocket of her jeans before removing her belt and unbuttoning her fly.

end excerpt

Let me know what you think.

~ Lara

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