National Fro-Yo Day

Well, just in under the wire.

It’s February 6th: National Frozen Yogurt Day. I decided a bit of writing was in order. Jess and Eric from We Three schedule some dates and deepen their connection in the sequel to We Three. Here’s the draft of what turned out to be their fro-yo date. They’re learning a lot more about each other, a few background points, but also just how dedicated each is to being a better person/partner though they hadn’t said it in so many words before.

begin excerpt

“Yeah, I found a class to take.” Jess sat down where Eric had used his rain jacket to brush off the rainwater from a small plastic chair outside the frozen yogurt shop. She set her cup of treat on the plastic table, smiling as she spooned a bit of the mango-chocolate swirl topped with cashew and pineapple bits.

“I’m glad that you were able to find something.” Eric sat in a chair opposite her and pointed at her dish with the tip of his spoon. “I thought you’d go for some caramel syrup.”

“I felt like a kid in a candy shop. I wanted a little bit of everything,” Jess said. “I figured I shouldn’t.”

“Why not indulge?”

Jess watched him scoop a spoonful from his cup. She’d watched him going through the store’s self-serve area as he got a chocolate-vanilla swirl topped with maraschino cherries, M&M’s, and some sort of crushed chocolate and peanut butter candy bar. He had also drizzled chocolate syrup over the entire thing.

“It just,” she hesitated then shrugged. “It’s by the ounce,” she finished and dropped her gaze back to her paper cup dish. She wanted to say she just enjoyed the fact that he’d suggested this little off-the-path place when she asked if they could go somewhere “ordinary” for their date. Going out for fro-yo was so “plain” it actually felt special.

Eric’s hand came across the table to catch hers next to her bowl. She lifted her gaze to find blue eyes smiling at her. “I got it.”

Jess relaxed at his expression; he did ‘get’ her, more than most people she had ever met. “Thank you,” she said, meaning it for much more than picking up the tab in the store. She nodded, turning over her hand so their fingers could intertwine. “Tell me about your trip.”

“Pretty calm. Always interesting passengers and gossip among the crew to liven things up.”
“Did you sightsee at all?”

“Toronto’s still pretty unfamiliar, so yeah, we found a hot little dance club tucked away in a corner. It was 80s night.”

“You were just a kid then, right?”

“My parents had it playing around the house when I was growing up, yeah.”

“Was the club filled with lots of people?”

“Yeah. Val and I took a few turns on the dance floor, but then we went back to the hotel to turn in early.”

“You hooked up?”

“Mm hm. Val and I have been seeing each other for about three years now.”

“Oh, right.” Jess looked up. “What’s she like?”

“Blonde, short hair, willowy build.”

“Oh, I meant, like… personality. Is she nice?”

“Why? Are you hoping to meet her?” Jess’s surprise must have shown because Eric went on, “She does play multiples. I’m not breaking any confidences to say that she has been the center of a gangbang or two with my crewmates. She’s pretty open about it.”

“Did you?”


“Have a gangbang this week?”

“Nah. We just slept together. Sometimes we just want cuddling. It can get so tense that we feel disconnected without some intimate touch. I know I can get short-tempered. Though the more predictable schedule for our flights are easing that.”

Jess nodded. She sorted her thoughts during a few more spoonfuls of her fro-yo.
Eric returned to eating his treat as well. “Does it bother you?”

“What? You seeing Val? I’d be a hypocrite if I let it bother me. After all, I’m involved with you and Elena. I guess I’m just not used to it.”

end excerpt

~ Lara

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