Sunday sexy (f/f)

From a WIP…

Happy Sunday, everyone! Today’s share is from a WIP. It’s F/F content and mildly explicit lovemaking between a newly-engaged couple. Jan and Kelly are from my short “So Many Ways” which anchored this women-loving women short story collection I published.

The relationship has been going well for several months and Jan had finally decided to propose the night before.

begin excerpt

“Kelly?” Jan’s voice drifted from the bathroom.

“Mmm hmm.” Laid back on the bed staring up at the ceiling, Kelly exhaled and inhaled, reveling in the peace and joy filling her at this moment.

“Come join me?”

Without opening her eyes, Kelly asked, “What are you doing?”


Steam wafted into Kelly’s face as she opened the bathroom door. Jan had settled back in their oval tub. Bubbles mounded around her, concealing much of her nude figure from Kelly’s gaze. But then olden tanned shoulders lifted and the curve of a breast became briefly visible.

“Join me?” Jan asked.

“You look divine.” Her shoes already abandoned alongside the bed, Kelly quickly shed the rest of her clothes. Welcomed with open arms, she sank into the warm bath, sliding against Jan’s body as they shifted and adjusted, making room for each other.

Jan held Kelly back up against her chest, warm wet hands massaging over her breasts and down the rounded curves of her stomach and hips. “Is your mind finally settling a bit?” she asked.

“I can’t believe we’re planning everything for just a month from now.”

“It’s a family wedding, not a multi-continent ad campaign.”

“You sound so confident. The morning of my last wedding I was throwing up.”

Jan laughed low. She had already heard this story. “Doesn’t count. You were pregnant.”

“I still feel nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.”

“If it makes you feel any better, I was nervous last night. I’d never proposed before.”

Kelly lifted her chin and turned her head to meet Jan’s lips in a kiss. “I couldn’t tell. Everything was perfect.”

“I’m glad I was able to get the private room at the restaurant. I don’t know that I could have done it in front of a whole dining room.”

“You’ve given speeches in front of 2,000 ad execs before, Jan.”

“They weren’t intimately involved with me.” Jan nuzzled Kelly’s throat. “I want to write our own vows. What do you think?”

Kelly could only murmur assent. Jan had continued tugging Kelly’s nipples and the twisting and twitching caused delicious sensations to arc between the points of contact to Kelly’s groin, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.

“What about your nerves?” Kelly dug her fingers into Jan’s thighs trying to hold back a bit from the peak which Jan seemed determined to thrust her over any second now.

Jan lifted Kelly’s breasts from the water, pushing her right arm underneath them and tweaking the rapidly chilling tips with her left hand. “I’m sure I’ll have myself in hand by then.”

Kelly exhaled. “You certainly have me well in hand right now.”

Jan slid her left hand down the twitching muscles of Kelly’s stomach and into the hairs covering her mound. Fingers curled up inside Kelly’s channel. After just a few strokes Kelly gasped for breath and her hips jerked. Her entire lower body felt like it was squeezing toward a single point and she ached to explode.

“Jan,” she barely breathed her lover’s name. Her vision spun and narrowed and then her hips surged and her muscles shook unable to contain itself any longer.

Jan’s touch turned soothing and Kelly exhaled. She blinked, opened her eyes, and arched her throat as Jan’s mouth caressed over the pulse in her neck.

“Oh God,” she gasped softly. “I think you just melted every bone and muscle in my body.” She felt heavy, insensate, satiated; her body quivering and sex twitching and feeling like she was afloat.

“I’ll hold you forever,” Jan replied. Kelly dozed then in her lover’s arms, in the middle of the their marble bath.

end excerpt

The first story featuring Jan and Kelly anchored my collection of shorts So Many Ways. If you liked this excerpt, please leave me a comment, like, or share this post in your social media. Thank you!

~ Lara

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