In Praise of (Green) Tea

The 3rd Tuesday every March is “Tea for Two Tuesday” and for last year’s post, I gushed about my great love of all types of tea.

This year, the third Tuesday also happens to fall on St. Patrick’s Day. So it’s a great day for discussing GREEN tea. Here are some facts about the health benefits of drinking green tea (courtesy of WedMD):

  • catechin antioxidants can minimize or reverse cell damage
  • improved blood flow and lowering cholesterol (helping with all sorts of heart and artery ailments)
  • blood sugar stability (combating diabetes)

Personally, I prefer leaf teas (pearl jasmine or liu an gua pian are my faves) over powders (like matcha).

Finally, there is IMHO no better way to relax than sipping a hot cup when I need to relieve stress.

PS – I still haven’t gotten around to writing that MC who favors tea. LOL

~ Lara

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