New (to me) review

Wandering the ‘net this weekend, I found a new (to me) review posted for my novel We Three. It was posted in March 2019 over in Germany but I only saw it recently, probably thanks to Amazon algorithms.

It’s 4 stars, and the reviewer knew the general story when it was first an AU/crossover fanfic. I have noticed an upward trend in publishing fanfic-turned-original stories, so I know it’s often how readers know my writing or other authors’ writings first.

This reader noticed all the work I put into developing unique backstories and shifting the story’s setting to an entirely different place (and time).

I’m so glad the complex duality of Elena came through for this reader. (By the way, dear readers, that deeper backstory massively affects things in the sequel.)

And how introducing the new characters helped me flesh out both setting and character:

Finally though, I very glad the “every day” moments between the sexy scenes are appreciated. Though tagging for the sexual content was necessary to make sure We Three only found 18+ readers, the storyline between sexual encounters is why I say I write “erotic romance” and not “erotica.”

You can find your own copy of We Three (worldwide on Amazon) through this link.

~ Lara

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