LGBTQ+ podcasts

It’s Pride Month, and I’ve been going through my own podcasting archives from 2008-2013 (defunct “Readings in Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Fiction”). I’ve been thinking what it might mean to revive Reading LAB. But then I realized, I may have been near the beginning of the movement. There’s a lot out there now for the queer audience, whether you’re a reader, writer, want social news of the community, or political activitism.

Readings LAB was just a little writer-interview podcast. There’s several now:

  1. Lesbians Who Write – host Clare Lydon and TB Markinson (weekly) – topics: chatting about the writing process and content of lesbian books.
  2. Lesbian Book Club – host Clare Lydon (monthly) – topic: lesbian author interviews
  3. The Lesbian Review podcast – host Sheena (weekly) – book discussions, information about releases, more lists and reviews
  4. The Lesbian Talk Show(weekly) sapphic-focused social discussions.

And if you’re interested in listening to stories, here’s a podcast that is essentially audiobook distribution:

  1. Lesbian Romance Books stories are all by Sigrid Dufraimont.

While some lesbian podcasts do discuss pan/bisexual women characters, there are also a few that are specifically for discussion of the bisexual experience:

  1. We Want the Airwaves
  2. Smart Bitchy Trashy Books did an episode focused on finding bisexual romance characters

Well, do you think I should go back and rebuild my Readings LAB show archives with descriptions, searchable terms, and author names? Let me know in the comments.

~ Lara

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