Day 25 of the Supposed Crimes 30-day Challenge: What advice would you give to today’s youth?

For the purpose of this post, I’m going to interpret “youth” as inexperienced writers.

Similar to another post, my primary advice is

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Write what you want to read.

After that, there is no one best best to reach your “market.” If written from your heart and expressing your truth, your writing will find its way to like minds.

But where (and how) to share it?

You instinctively already know where to share it. Let me explain.

There are so many venues today for sharing writing but a general rule of thumb: if you found something you liked to read on a particular website, then others who like what you like (and will read what you write) will look for it there as well.

The how is simple: tags and categories. The same way you searched for something to read is the same way another reader will search for something similar (and, thus, find your book).

So, if you’re reading on AO3 and used certain tags to find what you wanted, then use those same tags when you post your writing on AO3. If you’re reading on WattPad and get information about what’s new to read from one particular reader-forum, then tag that same forum when posting your writing. If you’re buying from Amazon and use specific tags or categories to find what you want to read, use the same categories and tags when you post your writing for sale.

But nothing I’ve read is like mine?

The bottom line is you have read (and bought) in the genre that you write in order to know that. You still found these “near misses” thinking they might be what you want. Therefore potential readers will find your work if you use the same tags.

But you must read, and buy, and discuss, with other readers and writers what you’ve found. If you don’t support other writers or participate in a community of like-minded readers and writers, don’t expect that anyone will support you in return.

~ Lara

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