July Writing Prompts

For July (starting tomorrow) I’m going to try something. Maybe I’m crazy, fresh off the success of blogging every day in June, but anyway…

100 ways to say "I love you"
small sample of the “100 ways to say I love you” list from tumblr.

I have this list of 100 ways to say I love you (found it on tumblr, no idea of the OP). I’m going to treat it as a set of dialogue prompts and will try to write a (at least) 1,000-word scene using a different prompt each day. My plan is to use the characters I already created for other stories and books, so there may be backstory I can hang some of the moments on. Anyway, I’ll try to remember to put a link at the end of each to send you to the “parent” story.

If it’s not tied to an existing story, I’ll mention that too. You can then comment if you think I should continue or flesh out the idea.

I hope you will enjoy.

God knows I need to exercise my fiction-writing muscles. Since this pandemic started I have faced the blank page frequently and not been able to write much.

~ Lara

11 thoughts on “July Writing Prompts

    1. Thanks for the question.

      These aren’t journal entries. They are excerpts from the manuscript I’m writing (a romance). The prompts are helping me focus on the character goals in each scene (show love/care). I don’t journal particularly, but the introductions to the excerpts are me contemplating the writing process as it related to getting the particular scene on the page.


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