it brings out your eyes

Sorry for the late posting. I hope this will be a pleasant read.

The scene below is one I worked on today in the draft for We Fit, the sequel to We Three. The opening line is one of the 100 ways to say ‘I love you’, so here you go: “It brings out your eyes.”

Author’s note: This scene contains NSFW content: F/F oral sex. The pic has been included to push down the text in case you’d rather not read.

“Oh, this’ll bring out your eyes,” Elena said, pulling a light green bikini bathing suit from the rack at the department store. Jess couldn’t immediately see how it would be held up over her modest assets, until Elena fingered the thin spaghetti straps that would tie around her neck. Their basket held an already dizzying array of spring wear, shorts, blouses and summer dresses. They were only going away for four days, but Elena seemed determined to buy Jess an entirely new wardrobe.

“Go put it on.”

“I’ve never worn anything like this,” Jess said.

“She can go in and help you fit yourself, dear,” the matronly sales associate said, not even really looking at them.

Jess caught Elena’s eyes twinkling with mischief. Jess took the key from the sales associate and walked down the narrow corridor where doors hid away tiny little dressing rooms. “I can try it on myself,” Jess said over her shoulder. “These look kinda cramped for two.”

Elena shook her head and guided Jess’s hand to the last door on the left. “It’ll be perfectly fine.”

The door latched behind Elena and Jess caught the small sound of the latch being locked. Jess set down her coat and started to unbutton her shirt. Elena helped her push it from her shoulders, briefly trapping Jess’s arms behind her back and stealing a kiss since they were nose to nose. Jess felt the kiss deep in her belly and moaned.

Elena smiled as she trapped the sound against Jess’s lips. Then she pulled back and teased Jess’s nipples with her fingertips. “Sh, you’ve got to be quiet. We don’t want Miz Matronly to come investigating any sounds.”

Feeling Elena squeeze her breasts meaningfully, Jess moaned, laughed, and sighed, happily at the mercy of Elena’s wicked sense of humor. Jess bit her lip to keep in the next moan that tried to escape as Elena brushed their bodies together as she reached behind Jess and removed her bra. Jess stuffed her hands in her mouth to stifle sounds when Elena nipped and then sucked at each breast’s tip hardening in the air-conditioned air of the store. The sensations were going directly to Jess’s center, and by the smirk on her lips, Elena knew it. Jess’s hips jerked toward her lover uncontrollably.

Sitting on the tiny corner bench, Elena guided Jess forward by the hips, until she stood between Elena’s knees. Elena unsnapped Jess’s jeans, pulling down underwear along with the denim.

“I think I’m supposed to keep those —”

Jess’s whisper was silenced by her biting her own lip to restrain a moan when Elena’s fingers then her tongue toyed with Jess’s clit. Jess slapped the wall before remembering where they were and instead slapped both her hands over her mouth. “Mmmffff!” she groaned.

Making pleased sounds, Elena smiled into Jess’s flesh and changed the licks to languid strokes, keeping Jess on edge and building her pleasure more slowly.

Pulling thick dark hair between her fingers, Jess fought to stay grounded, even though her knees were shaking. “Elena,” she whispered, barely managing both syllables before she was breathless.

“Sit down, Jess.”

Elena helped Jess to switch places so Elena now stood above Jess who sank to the bench. An unmistakably hungry look in her brown eyes, Elena lowered to her knees and spread Jess’s thighs with long massaging strokes. Then her mouth returned to Jess’s sex. Two fingers joined Elena’s tongue just as Jess felt the need to clench something.

Resting her head against the dressing room wall, Jess brushed her fingers through Elena’s hair, over her cheeks, and along her shoulders, wanting to communicate her pleasure without sounds. Though unintelligible sounds of desire and want still fell from her lips with soft frequency, she wanted to convey her jumbled feelings to the other woman.

Elena captured one hand and, with just one squeeze, Jess felt calm finally settle within her mind.

Squeezing her eyes shut, Jess felt tears leaking from beneath her lashes. Opening her eyes again, she felt Elena lifting her chin. Fingers continued moving below and Jess held Elena’s gaze. That warm cocoa color became her whole world just as she came.

Jess’s orgasm was visceral for all that it was a gentle, gushing physical release. It was also soft and made her feel like she was floating, like the waters of a brook were tripping over her body. She almost thought she heard the sound of the water in her ears.

Capturing one of Jess’s hands, Elena gently tugged as she laced their fingers together. Jess squeezed her eyes shut, feeling tears leaking hotly over her cheeks. Fingers resumed moving within her and Jess held Elena’s gaze, that warm cocoa color becoming her whole world as she came again.

Elena sat back on her heels, She smiled and licked Jess’s fluids from her fingers. Jess coaxed her up, gesturing her onto her lap. Seeking her mouth now close by, Jess massaged Elena’s knees apart, sliding a hand up between parting thighs.

Her fingers were squeezed as she rocked and twisted them inside. Elena came silently. The only sign of exertion was the rapidly ticking pulse in Elena’s throat. Jess kissed it. Elena stifled a moan behind her hand and Jess smiled against the skin.

After a few moments just snuggling, Jess licked clean her own fingers. She straightened, pulling her fingers through her disarrayed hair. Elena retrieved her shirt. Standing together they replaced their clothing. Jess reached over and picked up the bikini. “Do I really need this?” she asked.

“I’d rather you wear nothing at all,” Elena murmured against Jess’s mouth.

“Is that an option?” Jess asked.

Elena smiled. “Where we’re going actually, yes, it is.” Elena however brushed her cheek. “I still want to buy it for you. It really is going to bring out your eyes.”

Jess redressed and they left the dressing room. She put the bikini in the basket with her other purchases. Together they walked to the front of the store and checked out. A point of pride, Jess split the items with Elena and they went through a cashier aisle.

A little while later, Elena pulled the convertible into the driveway and turned to Jess. She took Jess’s hand. “We’re home,” she said.

Home. Even as she thought it, Jess felt a shiver go down her spine. The brunette’s face was split in a wide, warm smile that made Jess want to crawl into her arms. She swallowed with awareness. This was what it felt like to want forever. This feeling that one place, one person, could be her everything.

Feeling dizzy, Jess squeezed Elena’s hand. Something crumbled a little in her chest. A hardness that had built up as a result of her life, people coming and going, people insisting that some new place was “home” only for the settled calm to never materialize, that hardness began breaking apart. Jess looked out to the Spanish-styled house with its gardens and brick walk and murmured, “Home.”

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~ Lara

To my fellow Americans, I hope you are able to safely celebrate Independence Day tomorrow. I’ll be staying home and doing my annual rewatch of “1776” (and then I’ll probably watch “Hamilton” since it’s just become available.)

To my non-American readers, have a happy and safe weekend!

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