have a good day at work

It’s Monday morning and many people are starting their work week. If you’re like some white collar folks, you’re able to work from home in the pandemic. So many though have no option and have been ordered back to work in direct customer service, front line jobs. Jess and Eric are both these types of workers. Eric’s a pilot, and Jess is a bartender.

While locally many bars and restaurants are closed or working with minimal staff and lots of social distancing rules, airlines are ramping up again, so in this scenario, another draft scene I’m trying out for We Fit, Eric’s going back to work while Jess is staying with Elena for the day. There’s no long flights, just “hops” to facilitate those who cannot conduct business any other way. So he’ll be back that night.

A reminder, if you’re new to my blog or stories, We Fit is the sequel to my erotic menage romance novel We Three. This excerpt is perfectly suitable for general audiences. This is part of my July theme 100 ways to say ‘I love you’.

inspiration cover for We Fit
creative inspiration cover for We Fit, sequel to We Three

Have a good day at work

Eric stood in front of the large mirror hanging on the wall by the front door and checked the knot on his tie before shrugging into his flight uniform jacket. He sighed as he buttoned it up the front. In just over a month being out of work he had definitely put on a few too many pounds. He’d always rationalized away another snack by telling himself all the vigorous sex would counteract any possible pounds.

“You look great.”

Eric turned away from the mirror to see Jess leaning on the wall sipping from a mug. In it was probably the coffee he’d left in the pot instead of filling his travel mug today. He’d gotten used to getting up at a leisurely time and not needing the caffeine boost to be wide awake.

The blonde was beautifully sleep tousled, with hair falling partially across her face, and wore a green tank top and shorts. Lean long legs crossed one bare foot over the other. Green eyes looked at him from over the rim of the mug. 

“Didn’t mean to wake you,” he said.

“You didn’t. I wanted, well,” she hesitated. “I wanted to say I hope you have a good day at work.” She then seemed to laugh at herself. “It’s silly.”

Eric shook his head. He didn’t think it was silly at all. It warmed his heart to know she cared enough to wake up and see him off. He held out a hand and when she put the one without the mug in it, he drew her forward. He cleared his throat. “It’s not silly. Thank you.”


“Yeah.” He watched her gaze move over his face and when she looked at his mouth, he lifted her chin and kissed her. “See you tonight.”

Jess’s skin flushed with heat and her cheeks turned pink. “Be safe. People are being pretty stupid out there.”

He reached into his pocket and pulled up a company-issued mask. “It’ll just be me and my co-pilot in the cockpit. Even the attendants aren’t allowed once we have passengers onboard.”

“When you touchdown, text us. I know Elena will want to know you got off okay, too.”

“I will.” Eric stepped back, looked in the mirror and put his mask on then his flight uniform cap. “See you tonight.”

“See you.”

With light steps, he exited the house. He heard the lock rasp into place as he stepped off the stoop to walk around to the side drive where he kept the car.

That was a short scene, but what did you think? Let me know in the comments.

~ Lara

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