sexy Saturday

Taking a one-day break in the #100ways project this month. As the snippets have been showing, I write romance first and foremost, but today I want to remind everyone I also write explicit sex between my characters too.

I don’t include sex lightly. There are many emotional considerations I work through before choosing what to write in a sex scene. And it is absolutely unique to every couple. They’re often hard to pull out of context, because I don’t shy away from conversation in the bedroom. I like partners who communicate.

But here’s some of the things I think about: Where in the relationship arc is it happening? Some basics are: if the relationship was built prior to the sex, the scene should be a “reward” for characters and readers alike, an opportunity to express the new lovers’ emotional bond physically. If the emotional relationship has been building alongside the sex, then the emotions shift forward on the meter from “friends with benefits” to “lovers” each time the characters get together. If it’s sex because they are “reconnecting” after a trauma or separation, that’s got different needs too.

I believe it’s important to develop the characters more fully in every sex scene.

By the way, all this intro is to give screen space before the NSFW excerpt. It’s a scene from a short contemporary series where each installment has been novella length. Only the first has ever been published. I put it at the end of my short stories collection, So Many Ways. The couple in it definitely like to have sex in a variety of ways.

The sexy time I’m sharing today might be called “food porn.” LOL. Enjoy!

Kelly awakened to the feel of Jan’s backside snuggly pressed into the curve of her own pelvis. Her own breasts were pressed into Jan’s back, the nipples tightening at the mere thought of waking Jan with sex.

Whether it was before or after sex, Jan’s skin felt so soft, so warm and her body was such a treat for Kelly to caress. The hills of her shoulders and breasts and the soft roundness of her belly entreated Kelly to touch. Her hand slipped again over Jan’s hip, and the faintest movement brought her fingertips into contact with the hair covering Jan’s sex.

There were the sounds Jan made without conscious thought as Kelly nibbled various places. She slipped a hand down, from behind, parting Jan’s thighs, lifting and separating, and slipping fingers over and in Jan’s sex. She withdrew and tasted them, growing hungry for more. With gentle persuasion, not quite waking Jan, Kelly eased her onto her back.

As she positioned herself between Jan’s thighs, parted the wet folds, and inhaled the scent of Jan’s arousal, Kelly’s mouth watered a little.

Jan’s taste was a little like butterscotch, and made Kelly hungrier with each lick. Rising to wakefulness, Jan’s hands slid through Kelly’s hair, and she was becoming quite adept at interpreting the various types of tugs and strokes as signals to the state of Jan’s rising passions.

She had learned when to concentrate on the pearl of Jan’s clit and fill her with two or three fingers curling up into her canal, stroking the wet velvet-like walls; feeling them quiver and convulse, and finally tighten, an unspoken begging for her not to move, though she would, pushing Jan over the precipice to completion.

“Oh, Oh, God. G-Fuck! Kelly! Oh, God! Uh . . . Mmm.” As Jan cried out, fully awakened into bliss, Kelly felt her lover’s inner muscles slacken just a little. She resumed stroking while pressing the broad surface of her tongue against Jan’s still swollen and quivering clit and the thick folds of her outer labia.

Continuing as Jan writhed, she listened to murmurs becoming very much like purrs. Chest vibrating, Jan made sounds unintelligible as well as deep.

“Mmm.” Jan finally murmured something Kelly clearly understood. “Beautiful morning.” Turning her face into Jan’s sweat-damp thigh, Kelly chuckled.

“Go back to sleep,” she whispered, stroking Jan’s hair. She herself drifted off as well, content.

If you want to see more of Jan and Kelly, you can read their starting story in So Many Ways, available free through Kindle Unlimited (or just 99c if you don’t have a KU membership). A review if you do read the collection, would be great, too.

Let me know in the comments if you want to see more of Jan and Kelly. I could maybe release one or two novellas telling their story before the end of the year. The whole series would be 4-5 stories long.

~ Lara

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