stay over

Everyone knows it’s a significant moment in a relationship’s development when you’re willing to risk being seen not at your best in the morning by asking someone to “stay over.” That moment is definitely a signal that something is deepening beyond the casual.

In We Three, Eric, Elena and Jess had agreed to get together for casual sex and keep non-sexual intimacy to a minimum until this moment, I’m sharing for today’s installment of 100 ways to say ‘I love you’ : “Stay over.”

cover for We Three book; three pairs of feet under bedcovers with a window above
We Three book cover

Footsteps entered the kitchen, and Jess looked up. Eric now stood beside her, and Elena moved toward the counter with the coffee maker. His hand covered Jess’s. “How are you?” he asked.

“Fine,” she replied.

“You’re quiet,” Elena said; she sipped at her coffee.

“Processing,” Jess said.

“It was your first party,” Eric said. “Not everything you expected?”

She wondered what to say; she’d experienced so much, and at the same time, it had been so different. “I guess I didn’t really understand what to expect,” she said finally. “It felt different.”

“Different’s good, though, right?” Elena asked. “There’s so much to explore. So many sensations to experience. I always find it exhilarating.”

Elena glowed with proof of her words. Her face was as animated by her enthusiasm as her voice. Jess’s chest filled with a warm feeling, seeing the brunette this way. She glanced at Eric when his fingers moved on hers, and saw that he, too, watched Elena. His blue eyes crinkled at the corners and his expression looked the same as she felt: Elena’s pleasure was somehow hers, too.

Jess nodded her head and sipped her tea, her eyes resting on Elena drinking her coffee. Eric’s hand moved from hers and then onto her shoulder. She looked away from Elena and met his gaze.

“It’s late. Why don’t you sleep here again?” Eric suggested.

Elena added, “Stay until Eric goes to work?”

Looking at the smiles on both Tanners’ faces, Jess’s decision was easy. “Sure.”

The idea of a place to stay where she is appreciated, maybe even loved, is a big development for Jess emotionally and it continues to affect her interactions with the Tanners. To immerse yourself in the development of this threesome relationship, pick up a copy of We Three today.

~ Lara

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