you’re warm

Today’s ways to say ‘I love you’ clip is from We Three. It’s Jess who speaks the line closest to the prompt “you’re warm.” But I think Elena (the POV character for the scene) realizes she’s feeling a warmth in the heart for the younger blonde. Share your thoughts in the comments.

cover for We Three book; three pairs of feet under bedcovers with a window above
We Three book cover

The other woman’s arms embraced her. Rough and slender fingertips traced randomly on Elena’s neck, under her hair, then down one arm toward her hand.

Responding to the silent request, Elena bent her arm and moved her fingers to entwine with Jess’s. Head pillowed against the other woman’s breast, Elena felt Jess’s center warm her thigh. She adjusted, moving more of her weight to the bedding, and felt Jess squeeze lightly around her shoulders.

“You comfortable?” she asked Jess.

“’M good,” Jess said. Elena smiled against the breast under her cheek.

“’M glad.” She echoed Jess’s sleepy response, feeling a light chuckle bubbling up in her throat. She raised her eyes and saw Eric’s hand on Jess’s shoulder.

Eric and Jess abruptly shifted and moved. When Elena saw Eric’s eyes closing in Jess’s hair, she realized that he had pressed his own body along Jess’s back. His hand fished down Jess’s legs and onto Elena’s thigh.

“Covers,” he said when Elena’s questioning gaze met his.

“Warm enough without ’em,” Jess mumbled. “You guys are better than any hotel heater.”

Eric grinned and pulled the sheet up over the three of them anyway. He kissed Jess’s cheek before laying back down again. “Well, that’s got to be the best endorsement of group sleeping I’ve ever heard.”

Elena silently agreed and felt a wide smile shaping her lips. She closed her eyes and snuggled even closer to Jess. Finally she let sleep claim her.

Are you curious to know more about Eric, Elena and Jess’s relationship? Pick up We Three today!

~ Lara

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