what do you want to do

Today’s post and tomorrow’s post make one continuous scene, with two separate ways that Elena and Eric show their love for Jess. Today, Elena makes Jess’s day special.

Reminder, Elena, Jess, and Eric are all characters from my menage erotic romance novel We Three. This scene is from the WIP sequel We Fit. I hope you’ll enjoy the development of their relationship shown here.

inspiration cover for We Fit
creative inspiration cover for We Fit, sequel to We Three

An extra day. That was Jess’s first thought upon waking. It was February 29, Leap Day.  And on top of that, it was Saturday. She didn’t have work until late. She’d already finished her assignments for her business class. She snuggled under the covers and closer to Elena who slept beside her. Reaching out an arm, she tugged the brunette into her body.

“It’s not that cold this morning,” Elena’s voice rumbled softly from where her head was lodged under Jess’s chin.

“Nope, not cold. Just content,” Jess replied. She kissed the top of Elena’s head and rubbed her cheek against the dark hair. “Happy Leap Day.”

“Leap Day?”

“Yeah, it’s February 29, that extra day every four years?”

“Yes, I know what February 29 is. I didn’t know it was a holiday.”

“Probably not for most people. But I had a foster brother when I was six. His birthday is the 29th. He’s…” She calculated in her head. “Wow. Seven today, I guess.”

“Huh?” Elena propped herself up and looked down into Jess’s face. “How could you have a foster brother who wasn’t even born until you were an adult?”

“No, no. Aggie — his parents were Texas A & M alums — was born on February 29th. He gets an official birthday only every four years. They celebrated his second — “ She wiggled her fingers in the air to signify quotes — “birthday while I was living with the family. Totally themed it like he was two. Two candles on the cake. Two presents — the big one was a dirt bike. At the party they had face painting, finger painting, water balloon toss, pin-the-tail, stuff like that.”

“That does sound fun,” Elena said.

They rolled out of bed to opposite sides, stood and stretched. Jess rubbed her hands through her hair in an effort to think. Eric was working and wouldn’t be back in Miami for a couple days. “I don’t have work until seven.”

“That’s almost ten hours,” Elena said, looking at the clock. “We could spend the day in bed,” she said with a wiggle of her eyebrows. “But then you’d be too tired to work.” She laughed.

“We’ve spent the day in bed before. Today has to be unique, something we’ve never done before.”

“So what would you like to do?” Elena asked.

“A picnic at a park?” Jess caught Elena in the doorway of the bedroom and kissed her lightly on the lips. “Not the beach, it’s not warm enough for water fun, but it should be clear skies.”

“Okay. I’ll find us a park with picnic facilities. You pack what you want from the fridge.”

Come back tomorrow for the continuation of the scene, where Eric shows his love for Jess.

~ Lara

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