I bought tickets

Today’s scene for 100 ways to say ‘I love you’ is an immediate continuation of yesterday’s. When Elena and Jess get out to the dining room they find something special from Eric.

So without further explanation: “I bought tickets.”

inspiration cover for We Fit
creative inspiration cover for We Fit, sequel to We Three

Elena and Jess walked out of the bedroom. Jess veered off to the kitchen to begin packing. Collecting her laptop from the living room, Elena returned to the dining table to set out breakfast items and found colorfully wrapped packages and envelopes at her and Jess’s places. She frowned, but then lifting the card she remembered a conversation with Eric about a spring break trip. He must’ve been able to swing it, she thought. “Jess, come out here for a sec.”

“What’s up?” Jess appeared at the space between the dining table and kitchen entry. “Presents?”

Elena asked, “Did you tell Eric about your special February 29th thing?”

“No.” Jess stepped out as she saw Elena pick up her package. “What’s this?”

“Presents. You’ve got a card.” Elena pointed.

“I swear I didn’t tell him anything about this.”

Elena had already opened her envelope with a card. “It says ‘Take a leap’.” She rolled her eyes. “That’s silly.” But then she caught a piece of paper that fell from the card. “Oh. I think–oh!” She quickly pointed to Jess’s packages. “Jess, open yours.”

Jess walked to her package and envelope. She went for the package first. Elena could feel her own excitement building as she anticipated the blonde’s reaction to Eric’s gift. Out of the clown-wrapped paper, Jess removed a green and gray sweatshirt.

“When am I going to be able to wear a sweatshirt in Miami?” Jess asked. She turned it around holding the sweatshirt with a big Shamrock between the words “Not Irish, Just Drunk.”

“The card,” Elena said, finally unable to hide her impatient excitement. “Read his card.”

Jess lifted the flap out of the unsealed envelope and removed the card. “Take a leap,” she read aloud then flipped open the front cover. Elena held her breath. “A plane ticket?”

Elena held up her own. “Tickets to Chicago!”

“What’s in Chicago?”

“Eric started as a commercial pilot out of O’Hare. He likes to go back every so often.”

Jess read the ticket information. “March 16. March 18. Three days?”

“Over St Patrick’s Day,” Elena explained pointing at Jess’s sweatshirt then her own, now unpacked, which read “Too cute to pinch.” “Eric and I have gone a few times. Now you’ll get to experience it, too. They dye the river green and everything is just…” She stumbled to explain. “You’ll love it,” she finished.

Jess slowly smiled and lifted her gaze from the ticket, meeting Elena’s.. The light in her green eyes was brightly sparkling. “I’ve …wow. They put dye in the river? How? I’ve never… This is….A ticket.” She sank to the chair still holding the ticket and shirt.

Elena knew speechless meant Jess was overwhelmed with gratitude. She now wished Eric could have been here to see the reception his gift received. They’d talked about their semi-annual trip to Chicago a few weeks ago. They hadn’t gone last year for reasons she couldn’t remember, but Eric had recently suggested they go and share it with Jess. Elena had wondered about the ticket; he had wanted to try.

Knowing the younger woman had traveled a lot, Elena was surprised that Jess hadn’t been to this particular place or known of this particular city quirk. But it made Elena mentally pat Eric on the back. Somehow he must have learned or guessed. He’d found the perfect gift and today had been the perfect day for that gift.

Jess sank to the seat of her chair. “Wow.”

Elena walked around the table, smoothed her hands over Jess’s blonde hair and kissed the top of her head. “You wanted a special day. I think you got it.”

Jess nodded, then kept her head down, gripping the ticket and sweatshirt between her hands. Giving the blonde space to process her emotions, Elena completed packing for their picnic by herself.

So what do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments.

~ Lara

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